Saturday, May 1, 2010

Room Re-org

David and I woke up this morning to the sound of Sofia yelling "Mom, Help." Ran into her room to find her totally naked, sitting on her dresser, holding a pull-up. And every single hair clip was strewn about the floor, along with a few other items from the top of the dresser.

But the thing that most struck us by this scene was the proximity of the dresser to the OPEN window - about 1" away!!!!!

Sooo, room reorganization time. Again.

And now we have a terrific full-size futon and a frame that converts (easily!) between couch and bed, for sale. Will be posting on Craig's List on Monday.

Without the couch, there's room now to buy the nice white shelf unit I saw at Christmas Tree Shop. And I made sure to put the pull-ups down low in a place she can reach them, if she's going to try to be independent more!

Independent she certainly is. "Move" is a big command from her, especially when we are telling her not to do something. (Move, so you don't see me do this...)

I chased her around shul much of the morning. She did spend a nice while playing with a 4 month old, and then pretending with her own "Ugly Baby" doll (I'll have to take a picture of Ugly Baby. It really is funny looking - this tiny tuft of hair in the front and otherwise totally bald.)

I was kind of grumpy in the afternoon, especially since I had to spend some time rearranging her room. But I admit it was fun to take apart the futon frame, I love building and unbuilding furniture.

Drove down to my sister's house in CT late afternoon and spent the evening here celebrating my twin nieces' 11th birthday. Since my mom knows about her party, my parents (and mom's sister, in for the party) also joined us. Which all means that it was 9:30 before we even started getting kids ready for bed!

Twins and my boys all sleeping in J's room. Sofia bunks with me and David, but as she's continued to grow, I'm not sure where I'm supposed to sleep. She has taken up my whole half of the bed. And he's out, too.

"Surprise" party tomorrow, should be....uh.... fun. Yeah. I'm sure there won't be too much stress. Right? (I know, I can dream, can't I?). My sister and I are going to the gym at 8am, leaving David home with the five kids (brother-in-law runs).