Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bored out of my freakin' mind

Those of you who know me in person know that I'm really not so good at sitting still. REALLY. And most of you long-distance friends have probably gotten that idea when you read what my typical week is like.

So it should come as no surprise that I am CLIMBING THE WALLS with boredom already. To recap:

Sofia got sick Monday night, which meant sleepless nights Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for me. I took the boys to TKD Tuesday afternoon, took Micah to shul Wednesday morning, went to the Farm for 2 hours on Thursday morning (more on that below), but the rest of the time was hanging out at home.

By Thursday night I was wiped out and exhausted, so I was not surprised when I got sick Friday morning. Fever, and I could not move. I actually had to call the school because I was not able to drive the boys - a friend came and got them. Sofia and I spent most of the day in bed. By then, I was worried she was getting dehydrated, since she was very low-energy and barely eating or drinking.

So Friday afternoon we went to pediatrician again (fortunately no dehydration), then went around to pick up the boys at their various friends' homes. Very very quiet night, since I went back to sleep at 7pm.

Oh, and David had called in the morning, screaming because his flight from Copenhagen was going to be 5 hours delayed, which might mean missing his connection in Newark. But fortunately he DID make the connection, so he got home around 11pm.

We all had to go to shul Saturday morning. Sofia was noticeably better, although still not really eating or drinking much. It was the ufruf (special aliyah - being called to the Torah - before getting married) for a friend's son, and Micah and Sofia were scheduled to hand out the candy and Sam to do Ashrei (Psalm 145).

They all did well, and Sofia was so happy to sit on Dada's lap most of the service. At 11:45, the boys and I left, and I dropped them at a birthday party nearby, then came back to have lunch with David and Sofia. She would not let go of him, so he took her to work, while I went back to get the boys. We picked her up, and stayed home. David didn't come home until after 6pm, and was totally stressed by work, so it was a difficult evening. Plus, my tummy was still horrible.

Today, I fortunately feel much much better. Sofia continues better but also continues barely eating or drinking. But Micah now has a fever and tummy ache. Although I guess the good news is that he has not barfed or had diarrhea.

David took Sam to our friends' house by 8:30 so they could take him to teh Regional Day School Science Fair at Gann Academy. He had a great time. Then David went back to work for a few hours. I had to take Sofia to a birthday party, and Micah stayed home for a little while until David came back (yes, it's ok here - MA does not have any specific rules on how old, just depends on the child, I make sure he's got the phone and a nearby neighbor on call).

Took Sofia to the party, then a quick trip for groceries, and then we've been home all day. All day. All this beautiful day. Doing nothing. Except watching Sofia's movies - Little People Happy Birthday, Mama Mia (ok, that was cute - she brought the dvd to me, shook her butt and said "honey honey!"), and "belle" (Beauty and the Beast).

I'm tearing my hair out.

And of course Micah will have to stay home again tomorrow, since he has fever again now. Which means not only did he miss the playdate scheduled for today, but he'll miss that kid's visit to his class, in possible preparation for joining the class next year. Which would be really good, because they got along great last time they met, and he was really looking forward to the playdate!


And of course David is back on a plane now, headed to Jacksonville for 2 days. So I had to line up another neighbor for tomorrow morning, so Micah can rest while I drive Sam to school.

Ok. Good things to think about. I have 35 minutes to get Sofia to sleep before the LOST finale pre-show begins. Tuesday night, my play is being performed at the Sisterhood Donor Dinner, and they all tell me they have been laughing hysterically while rehearsing it, so I have to go see how it comes out.

Yearbook is almost done. Anyone want to buy a 1-line (80 character) booster for $9?

Gotta go pull Sofia out of the tub - she's been splashing a lot, and I think too much is getting on the floor now - bad for the ceiling below the bathroom...