Friday, May 7, 2010

Shabbat Begins Quetly

This is unusual, but kind of nice. Different.

We did not have plans for Shabbat dinner - nothing unusual there, especially before Thursday morning. Then David got a message from a friend about taking the boys to the opening of Iron Man 2 at 5pm.

Ok. So they went. There were a few mixed messages, so we originally thought that Sofia and I would be with the rest of the other family, but no. We stayed home. Had a relaxing evening, lit candles and did motzi together. Now she's asleep, and David has taken the boys for food after the movie, so I'm home in a quiet house!


I'm still coming to grips with graduating, and with this silly award. Near as I can figure, "social responsibility" must mean I have not injured my children (yet). The rabbi insisted on putting an article in the synagogue newsletter, so now I keep getting congratulations, and just got a note about a donation made in my honor! Weird.

My paper is ALMOST done. I am waiting for some feedback from my adviser... tick tick tick goes the clock, as the paper is due next week!

I spent this morning at Special Visitor's Day at the boys' school. It was originally called Grandparents Day, but with all the varieties of families, and with the fact that some grandparents (including ours) do not come, the name was changed. And we have a big group of volunteers who come for the kids who don't have visitors.

Originally, Sam was supposed to come late, since usually on Friday he has his services in Ashland, but he really wanted to be on time, so I canceled Ashland. We had a gentleman from our synagogue assigned as Micah's friend, and yesterday my two wonderful sitters decided that they would attend, so I turned them over to Sam. Which meant I was free to volunteer elsewhere, and I spent a lovely half hour with two young ladies in the 4th grade class.

I love being so close to all the children in our school. I am one of the few people outside the staff who actually knows every child, since I do the yearbook (also, it helps that I have a ridiculous brain for detail). Each one of them is so unique, and it's been great watching them mature.

Before the boys got out of school, Sofia and her friend played for about an hour on the playground. Sofia got a splinter in her hand, and I had to dig it out with a safety pin (pre-soaked in Neosporin!). Poor kiddo. But I got it. When we came home, the boys watched the first Iron Man movie, and our neighbor and her daughter came over to play. Sofia and S took turns doing each other's hair and "makeup", which made the mom and I laugh hysterically, since neither of us ever wears makeup!

Nothing much planned for the weekend. I am reading Torah tomorrow morning, only 4 lines, but it means I have to be on time! We might go for Mexican food for brunch on Sunday. Otherwise, finish my paper and work more on the yearbook.

David and I looked at Pergo flooring yesterday, for the staircase and upstairs hallway. I think it's time we just start fixing things in this house!

Happy Mothers Day!