Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Tummy Hurts"

That's been the mournful cry from Sofia since yesterday. "Tummy Hurts". She spent last night rolling around uncomfortably (in my bed, of course!), and spiked a fever around 10:30 pm. I was up with her every hour, because she kept almost barfing, and I would rush her to the bathroom (where I had towels conveniently set up on the floor!), but nothing came out.

This morning, we took the boys to school, and then she and I sat in the parking lot of my hairdresser for an hour waiting for my appointment (since I had planned on being busy driving her to preschool first...). She sat huddled in the chair next to me while I had my hair cut, and then she pooped (which meant I did not get my hair blow-dryed!). Was supposed to take her to pediatrician at 11:15, so we drove around a bit, and she was sleeping, but then she started barfing.

At least we were right around the corner from pediatrician at that point.

She seemed to feel better after that. Doc thinks it's just stomach bug, stay on clear liquids. She was falling asleep when the sitter arrived; hopefully she didn't sleep too long, because I am EXHAUSTED!

So tomorrow, it looks like she'll be staying home with sitter when we go to shul tomorrow.

I finished my speech for tomorrow, and sent it off to various folk (David, the rabbi, the cantor, and a friend) for editing, but apparently no one saw anything much to edit! I'm much more of a critic of my own work, I fixed a few things. Now I'm ready - assuming I get some sleep tonight!

Weekend was hectic but ok. Friday night was the best - dinner at our friends' house, hanging out until nearly 11. SO much fun. Saturday morning, David was overwhelmed with work, so he went in while I took the kids to shul. Then he came home just in time to pack for Copenhagen.

We got him to the Logan Express Bus...two minutes too late. So we drove him to the airport. Then I drove us all down to CT to stay with my parents, and to see my grandma, who is still up from Florida.

Sunday morning I took the kids and met my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, cousin-in-law, and various children for brunch. Good to see them all, but very loud and crazy in the restaurant. We went to Laura's house after so the kids could run around outside for a bit. Then drove back home. And of course Sofia slept both ways, so she was up till midnight Saturday and 11pm Sunday.