Friday, May 14, 2010

Handed in my Capstone Project!!!

My paper is DONE. Finished. Bound. Handed in! My last paper for my 7 years of graduate work can be found HERE (I'm sure there are at least two of you interested in glancing at it!).

Whew. What a relief to have it done. Feels odd, though. And of course my adviser still wants me to turn it into a book, so I have the feeling I'm not really done, but at least I'm done for the program. I also practiced my presentation during today's Seminar, so other than presenting it on June 3 (at 9:30 at Hebrew College, if you are in the area), that's really done, too.

Woo Hoo!

Now I have to finish the Yearbook. Boosters keep pouring in; it's not too late!

The cleaning ladies are here now, which means Sofia keeps trying to kick me out of the house. She likes to help them clean. I'll keep encouraging that.

Not much else to report. Science Fair at MWJDS last night went very well, and Sam is excited to bring his project to the regional day school fair at Gann Academy on May 23. He did a lot of math for his project, and people were very impressed. Yeah for Sam!

Micah came home TUESDAY saying he wanted to do a project. I told him he was a little late. His class did a group project, so he was not required to do an individual project, and he had not mentioned it during the two months of propaganda about the Fair. But two days before, he suddenly wants to do a project. He finally agreed to just start thinking about a topic for next year...

That's about it. David is off to Copenhagen again tomorrow, and I'll take the kids to CT to visit grandparents. My grandmother is still there at my sister's house, so I'll get another chance to see her.

Next week is Shavuot, so the boys are off Wednesday and Thursday. I'll take them to shul Wednesday (Rabbi wants me to speak at services), but Thursday we're joining our gang at the Farm where we'll be getting veggies all summer. I think this year I'm going to send Sofia to school both days, and have the sitters pick her up and do her regular activities.


amy flege said...

wow. i dont know how you do it.. but yeh for you!!!!!!!!!!

Debbie said...

whoo hoo! i assume i'm one of the two people?? i just took a look, and you have so many sources - what a huge project! i look forward to seeing it in print someday!