Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Things get better

Well, after the mishegos (craziness) of needing to find an aid for Sofia for camp, it all worked out. The college student who interns in Micah's class was available. Sofia was so much happier to have a grown-up instead of a young teen. So it was a better day. And after I vented to the principal, I also had a nice talk with the admissions director (who is the one who said my daughter was a two-man job). We're old friends, so we were able to hug and make up.

Sofia loved loved loved camp, but was sooo tired each afternoon. She's not yet used to a full-day program. I LIKE it! (evil mommy)

Friday night was just about the best Shabbos dinner ever. We gathered with 4 other families (all from the day school) at my friend H's house. H has a great big house, but does not love to cook. The rest of us love to cook and have small houses. So we brought the food there. YUM. Salmon, quinoa, salad, homemade hummus and challah, and I made a birthday cake and cookies in honor of H's birthday. And the kids had a BLAST. Sofia's two best friends, the ones she talks about constantly, were part of the gang, along with 2 kindergarten, 1 first, Micah and E in second, one third, and 3 in fifth. Fabulous.

The dynamics of the kids was especially adorable. Micah and the kindergarten and first grade boys barricaded themselves in the basement with a sign saying "NO GRILS ALLOWED" (we promised not to bring cookware...). Sofia and her buds played and played. And Sam and the girls...painted their nails. Really. I don't think Sam did his own nails, but he was definitely giving manicures to Sofia and the kindergarten girl.

Meanwhile, the grownups settled in the dining room and talked and talked and ate and drank and talked. The ladies all decided we really wanted to live in a commune together; the men weren't as keen on it.

We got home very late, so slept in on Saturday. I didn't get out of bed for real until after 11 (not counting making Sofia breakfast at 6:30...). Hung out all afternoon. David went into the office for a while, I took Sofia for a stroll around the neighborhood, checking out flowers. When David got home, we all went to the playground, joined by some neighbors. Evening brought dinner at Samba, a favorite Japanese restaurant.

Sunday morning was movies. David and Sam saw "Clash of the TItans" (Sam liked it, David thought it was terrible). I took the little ones to see "How to Train your Dragon." It was very cute, although I missed a few key scenes while taking Sofia on 7 trips to the potty. (But most of them, she really did use the potty!).

Gorged on popcorn, so no lunch. Home to clean and work, and David had both boys sobbing after a lecture on cleaning the house. David had to pack, left for Germany that night. I got fancied up and went to Seas The Dream, the fund-raising gala for Jewish Family Services of MetroWest. Really nice event. Very moving speeches, and great food. Plus more time with my friends.

Single-parenting this week, but with lots of babysitter assistance. Monday night I went out with two friends to Boston! Light dinner, and then to the Noa (Achinoam Nini) concert. Excellent.

Yesterday I was EXHAUSTED. Kept falling asleep in the car (while parked!). Early to bed, glad LOST was a repeat.

Better today, except for being camped out at Toyota. The electronics on the passenger slide door don't work.

This weekend is Mom's surprise party - except that her cousin EMAILED her saying "looking forward to seeing you at your party, but we lost the invitation and need details...". Argh. But Mom said she'd strongly suspected, anyway, and she still doesn't know any details. So it'll be nice.


Becca said...

Goodness, you have a busy life! LOL about your mom's surprise party. Figures!

So funny about Sofia's numerous trips to the potty during the movie. While we haven't done the movie thing yet, Sammi's pretty good at manipulating me at bedtime, telling me she has to go and then trying to get away to play. :-)