Wednesday, June 30, 2010

She's a FISH!

Sofia LOVES LOVES LOVES to swim! She still wears a bubble, that straps around her body and supports front and back. But since we went on vacation in April, now she swims on her own, no holding on. Like a fish.

She has no fear of the water, apparently no problem with cold water, and doesn't mind drinking chlorinate water (in fact, I frequently catch her scooping a cup-load from the kiddie pool - yuch!).

However, 5:00 pm is NOT the best time for a swim lesson. And Monday, Miss Sofia was in the WORST MOOD EVER. All day. Started at 6am, standing buck-naked next to my bed, arguing about watching Mamma Mia (she wanted to, I felt it was a tad too early).

Fortunately she enjoys the babysitting at my gym (in fact, she can say all 4 syllables of 'babysitting' very clearly!), so that was a peaceful hour, and I had signed her up for 3 hour vacation camp at her gym (so I could get a much needed massage!). But otherwise, she was MISERABLE! Horrible. Arguing, throwing things, yelling, and overall just NOT cooperating.

With anyone.

Including her new swim instructor.

It was a bit of a nightmare. But we made it through about 20 minutes, and she actually DID learn something - now she says "scoop" when she swims with her arms.

Today's lesson was better, but still about an hour too late. She was totally ready to get out after 10 minutes, but we found a way to make her work hard for nearly the whole half hour. I sat on the side of the pool and threw toys out so she could swim to them with the instructor (and Micah).

She fell sound sleep on the way home, and has been in bed ever since. Hope she sleeps through the night!

Otherwise, it's been a fairly quiet week. Sunday was busy. Sofia sat through the entire movie of Toy Story 3 (after going to the bathroom 4 times during the previews!). She loved the movie, and kept yelling things at the characters.

After the movie, we stopped at the DS Babbies party - I got to feed a 6-week-old baby boy. SOOOOOO CUTE! Then off to Micah's camp, to talk to the nurses about his allergies, and meet his counselors. Fortunately, one of his counselors is from our shul, and the other is the identical twin of one of his last year counselors! And the unit head is also a friend from shul. So he's in good hands.

He was very nervous Monday morning, but calmed down when we got to the bus and saw his favorite bus counselor again. He's having fun.

Sam seems to also be having a great time. He's playing basketball, doing archery, and of course rock climbing. He got to the top of the climbing tower already! I miss him, but I'm so glad he's happy!

Yesterday after we picked up Micah we had to go to the Farm to get our Share. Sofia was asleep in the car (she'd fallen asleep after my Gala meeting got out at 4). There was a teen with a broken foot resting in the car next to ours, so we left her there (doors open, windows open, of course!), and Micah and my friend's daughters kept checking on her. When she did wake up, she did not want to get out anyway. So I was able to pick (snap peas and blueberries and kale and collards) in peace.

Last night I made Kale Chips, soup, a nice saute, and packaged up the veggies (and split out my share from H's - we each get half). So many things!

Not sure what is on for the weekend. Friends coming for Shabbos dinner. Maybe a trip to Maine, but since I could not get a babysitter for overnight, we cannot go to the "adults only" party J is having. So we'll have to go elsewhere. And to Sakonnet, to see my friend.

Happy Independence Day!