Saturday, June 26, 2010

Whew, He did not go into shock!

Well, I screwed up. Friday, Micah requested homemade sushi for dinner. And he requested the spicy sauce that they usually serve in the restaurant. So I bought some. Without looking at the label.

And all day today, his eyes have been totally red and puffy. So I finally looked at the ingredients.

Sesame Seed Oil.

Ugh. Stupid move, Francine!

Micah's "first" allergy, the first one that made us realize he had bad food allergies, was sesame. We are (usually) very very careful about sesame.

Fortunately, he did not go into shock. The reaction was actually much more mild than it should have been. Previously, he would break out in hives all over his body. So I guess that's the good part, that his body handled the assault well.

But wow, was that DUMB of me!


Other than that, it's been a fairly boring week. Spent a lot of time at the pool (much to Micah's chagrin, since it's not his first choice of activity. But eventually I always get him into the pool AND smiling!

Today we had the Bar Mitzvah of my dear friend's son. It was lovely. I had to read Torah (which meant I was studying frantically last night, when I realized that I had not fully learned it!) and be "gabbai" (one of the people who helps conduct the Torah service). Not only do I know many of her family members, but C and I sang in Zamir together, and she has kept in touch with different people than I have, so it was great to see some old friends.

I also got to meet C's aunt, who is grandmother to a lovely 21 year old young lady with Down syndrome. I have heard about this girl since Sofia was born (they had just celebrated her Bat Mitzvah when I got my amnio results!), so it was wonderful to meet her grandmother and see some photos.

It was interesting to speak with her. She teared up when she saw Sofia (who was very very busy playing with a variety of games!), and we talked about what a difference each generation has faced. Her husband apparently also had a sister with DS, who had of course been hidden away - this woman had not even heard about her until right before her wedding into the family! That girl had been hidden, then institutionalized, and had died before this woman met the family. So seeing photos of her granddaughter going to Senior Prom, and watching Sofia play, was very moving!

Got a call from Sam's camp yesterday, just routine. He's doing GREAT. Having a really good time. For electives, he got Ropes, Archery and Basketball, all his favorites, and he is making friends very well (while still being lucky to have his best buddy with him). I also got a ltter from him, which included a great drawing he'd made of his friend sitting on the bunk in their cabin.

I'm so glad he's having fun. I scan the posted photos several times a day. Micah has missed him terribly. Fortunately, day camp starts Monday, so Micah won't be so bored and lonely.

Tomorrow I'm taking the kids to see Toy Story 3 (David has to work), then stopping at Micah's camp to drop off his allergy action plan, then off to a pool party for DS new mommies (Sofia will be guest-of-honor!).


Becca said...

Wow, that was lucky that he didn't have a stronger reaction to the sesame oil! Scary! Food allergies are so frightening.