Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I am DONE! What an exhausting week!

Tuesday morning, I helped out Sofia's class at Field Day. Annoying, since the events were all planned by parents...of "typical" kids...which means the Inclusion kiddos could barely do most of the stuff. Sofia did ok until she nearly fell asleep in my lap (!) but some of the other kids were way out of their PT comfort zone.

So I took the sleeper home and we rested. She didn't sleep at home, but then, when the babysitter was late, I had to take her with me to pick-up, and of course then she fell asleep (which meant that she was awake very late at night!).

Wednesday evening, Sam and I went to camp orientation. Cool. After, we went for ice cream with my friend and her son (who will be in Sam's bunk - whew!). They are going to have a great time!

And then it was Thursday morning. Dropped Sofia at the neighbor's house so she could take her to school, and raced the boys to their school, then raced in to Hebrew College. Got there just in time for the first presentation, a friend of mine. Then I was second.

It went really really well! Of course, I have no problem speaking in public, but I was glad that the content was well-received. Several people other than my advisor said they would like to see me expand the paper into a book, so I guess that is my task for next year.

Switched to the "other" room (I presented in the room with the Education majors, but my classmates were in the text-based majors group) to hear my program-mates, and then lunch. David and I sat with my program-mates, and one of the women asked in alarm "You have a son old enough to have a beard and mustache?!" We gently corrected her.

I was the very last (of about 25) to received my award. And it was actually a check - which makes me wonder - if I am getting an award for social responsibility, does that mean I have to donate the whole award somewhere?

Left after lunch so David could get back to work and I could pick up Sofia and then pick up the boys. Thursday evening, my friend S came in from Chicago for the weekend. I picked her up at the Logan Express bus and we did a bit of shopping before going home.

Friday, regular drop-off logistics, and then lots of errands, prepping for the weekend. Friday night, not only S, but the family whose son will be in camp with Sam, plus the grandfather from that family, all came for Shabbos dinner. And I managed to get rid of Micah; my yearbook co-chair came to see the proof, and she took Micah with her (her son is his friend) to the Concert on the Framingham commons. SO it was peaceful.

Saturday, S got to spend her birthday hanging out with my children, while David and I went to the bat mitzvah of my friend R's step-daughter. I know the cantor at that shul, so it was nice to hear her sing, and then we all had a blast at the lunch party. Danced with our friends, had fun.

David left at 4:00 from the bat mitzvah to drive down to CT for a wedding, and I got a ride home. Laura and Lilie had also arrived, so we spent the evening cooking and prepping for Sunday.

Sunday morning, off to graduation. It was fun. Two hours, and hot, especially in polyester robes, but really exciting. Apparently my husband and children are camera-illiterate, because there are no clear pictures, but I'm waiting for some from a classmate.

After the ceremony, raced home to set up for the party. Had about 60 people at the house. Very fun afternoon. The kids stayed outside as much as possible, until the thunderstorms. And late-afternoon, Sam and 4 other of his classmates went off to a birthday party, so that helped quiet things down.

And not only S (from Chicago), but also David's best buddy A from California both slept over, so we were up late talking with them.

Really really nice day.

Monday, S and I went shopping in the morning while Sofia was in school (I got some jeans - a size smaller than I've been wearing!!!!). Lunch at home, and then dropped S back at the airport bus. Got the boys, hung out, and then home. And then I was up until 1:15 last night finishing the yearbook, which went back to the printer this morning.


I promise pictures later...