Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In Memory of Donna

An old old friend from my early years in Zamir was buried today. Donna Levy (was Donna Alon when we sang together). She had been sick with cancer. Which meant that, once again, we were faced with a friend who knew she was dying and was able to totally organize her own funeral. And it was beautiful. We sang "Durme" and "Yehiyu Le'Ratzon", and Cantor Sherr officiated - his daughter and Donna's daughter have been friends since preschool. The speeches were all a beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman.

I saw many faces I have not seen in years. But I really really wish I could see these people under happier circumstances. We had a similar funeral almost exactly a year ago. And while we were singing, I was noticing how some have aged more than others, or are not as healthy as we could wish, and I totally lost it.

The magic of Zamir has always been the connections we have made. It is a Family. We stay attached, long distance and through time. And we show up. And hug. And cry. And try to laugh as much as possible.



Ok, on a happier note, we figured out vacation. We are headed to The Outer Banks of North Carolina! We are going to drive straight through. Hopefully David will remember to wake me up for my shifts! But we can take an extra day or two coming home.

The house is right on the beach. We'll bring the bikes, bathing suits, beach toys and chairs. And relax! (Well, ok, the kids and David will relax. I will be a wreck trying to keep everyone safe and fed.)

Sofia is back to being a swimming maniac. She puts her whole face in the water, and opens her eyes (which means they are totally red and bloodshot all the time). She floats, she kicks, she uses her arms and legs appropriately. She just loves the water.

But the other day, she got right in without either me or her floatie. By the time she actually got all the way in, I was close enough to not panic, but I had kept saying "no" and she ignored me. So I watched her go right under water, and her eyes opened wide wide wide as she realized that probably was not a great idea. And then she swam back to the steps!

Micah has no camp this week, but I arranged some playdates. He had a great time today with his friend, and then when I picked him up, I took him for a haircut (finally!). So handsome.

So now I need to pack. But the place has laundry (and air conditioning), so I'm only packing for a few days, and we can wash. Just hanging out. Emerald Isles, NC, if anyone is in the area...