Monday, July 26, 2010

We need a vacation

We've had the week of August 7-14 blocked off as our Family Vacation week...but we have yet to figure out where to go! David wants a quiet, private, serene place on the water. I want a place that the kids will enjoy, with room for all of us to be comfortable.

Looking at: Eastham/Orleans areas of Cape Cod, Atlantic City/Ocean City area of NJ, Southcoast of Maine.

Or anything you suggest!

We would love to be with or near friends. Anyone want to come with us?

I just sent off more than a dozen inquiries to rental properties in those areas. Now we have to make a decision.


In other news... nothing much. Sam apparently has no brain. ("Turns out, you don't need one. Totally over-rated." [we've been watching Monsters vs. Aliens a lot recently!]). I am continually amazed at just how little he manages to think.

This is Micah's last week of camp. Although he would like to see and spend time with both sets of grandparents, he does not want to sleep over. So. I guess at some point I'll be spending time in CT.

Sofia had her last swim lesson today. She's suddenly afraid, I think because at her last lesson (and today's), he made her go totally head underwater. Now she clutches me and says "scary".

I've made some sort of break-through in my gym workouts. I can suddenly go much longer on the elliptical, at harder resistance. YEAH!


Tracy said...

Knew what movie you were quoting! We know that one too. Sorry to here that Sofia is not liking swimming right now. Hope that passes quickly. Rachel is so funny in the pool. This summer she is trying to figure out how to swim to the bottom of the pool. Every time she tries, he little butt pops up out of the water....makes me laugh. Good luck planning your vacation. My kids will already be back in school then. They go back to school August 9th!!