Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Getting better

I had a MUCH NEEDED Mommy Time Out day today. Of course, the first 2 hours were busy. Leave the house at 7:45, get Micah to the bus. Race to my doctor's office. I have another sinus/ear infection. Fortunately, now I also have antibiotics.

Race back to drop Sofia at preschool, along with a car seat so E can pick her up. Yeah, free at last!

Off to CVS to get my meds, then directly to the nail salon for mani/pedi. Ahhh.

My friend D met me there, and I drove us down to IKEA! Browsed around. Didn't buy much - a wooden lazy susan tray, a soup ladel, and some drinking glasses - but we ate a nice lunch (gravlax with mustard sauce, YUM!), and of course I stocked up on my favorite treats in the grocery section - krispbrod and fish-in-a-tube.

Raced back directly to The Farm to pick up our shares. D is a very picky picker, so she studies each blueberry or green bean before deciding to take it. I am a bit less picky. I'm just so thrilled at all this beautiful fresh food. And blueberries are truly beautiful on the vine (bush?). Next time I must bring a camera.

Got a ton of herbs, too. I'm drying them so I can have them all year. Sage, savory, thyme, marjoram, oregano, dill, basil, parsley. And tea herbs, too - peppermint, spearmint, lime something, and yerba buena. Ahhh.

And being at the farm without kids and with plenty of time before I had to be anywhere was very nice indeed.

After the farm, drove home to drop everything off and put the fish in the fridge. Then off to the pool. Sofia was there with the sitter and our neighbors (mother and daughter), but they were just getting ready to leave, so I did NOT have to deal with La Principessa. They left just as Micah's bus arrived.

Micah and his buddy swam while buddy's dad and I watched and swam with them. Both boys passed the deep-end test yesterday, which means we no longer need to be arms-length from them, but they still need a lot of watching. They are so adorable together. They've been friends since pre-school. J goes to Rashi, another day school in the area, so they don't get to see each other very often in the winter, but they are always at camp together.

We had dinner there, and got home just as E finished putting Sofia to sleep. AH.

E is getting ready to spend a year in Spain, teaching English, so she stayed and chatted for a long time with me while I cleaned and prepped all the farm stuff. I miss her. She used to be our regular sitter, for about 2 years, and also Sam's tutor. This past year she was working more and couldn't sit as often, but still shows up occasionally. She's become sort of like a daughter or younger sister to me. I hope we are able to go visit her in Spain this year!

After she left, I watched half of "Harry Potter" with Micah (his new treat, last weekend). Then bed for him, laundry and blogging for me.

I feel ALMOST ready to face my daughter again tomorrow. Almost. Maybe sleep will help. And another busy day - she's got gymnastics in the afternoon, and we have Micah's Family Night at camp.