Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm Tired of Being a Mommy

Just for today, really, but oh, I am SO TIRED of parenting. It's constant. Non-stop. Exhausting.

Micah is being really really really super good and sweet and helpful. BUT he is still an 8 year old boy who is very very very good at arguing and talking. Talking. Talking.

Sofia is NOT being good at all. She's a demon. She tosses toys around like crazy, gets into Micah's stuff, messes up the house, and demands food and attention at every moment. In the pool, she is non-stop movement, usually accompanied by "Go Away Mama" (which is not possible, since she's still swimming in a bubble and I need to follow her every move).

I'm tired. I need a break. I need to figure out where to take this family for vacation in August. Somewhere that all 5 of us will somehow enjoy, that won't cost a fortune, where we can all eat safely and healthily. And maybe get some rest. Any ideas??? Oh, and it can't be too commercial or too crowded or too expensive or too allergic.

And then I've got a babysitter on Tuesday, so I basically have the whole day free (she'll pick Sofia up at school), but I cannot figure out what I should do!


Ok, enough whining. Gotta cook dinner, right?


Anonymous said...

found you blog from Sarah's blog. Must be in the air. I, too, am in need of a Mommy break. Had a meltdown on friday/saturday. If nothing else, it got my husband to DEEP clean the bathroom.

Good luck!


TUC said...

Have a cup of tea and take a bath, with the door locked!

I don't know if Strasburg, PA is too far but it is train country and Amish country and there is so much neato stuff to do and see (uh, if you like trains, and corn mazes, and buggy rides). We stayed at a train car motel and it was so reasonably priced. Plenty of sleeping areas,a kitchen and small living space. And the kids were thrilled to be "living" in a train car. We stayed about 4 days, and all in all is was the cheapest vacation we have taken, and honestly the most relaxed. Everyone from Grandma down to my three year old had lots of fun.

If you think you might want to check it out, email me and I will send you all the info about what there is to do, etc.