Monday, December 10, 2007

Baby Naming

We were proud to sponsor the kiddush (snacks) after Shabbat services this weekend in honor of the baby naming of our new niece, Lilien Eve W. Lilie's Hebrew name is Lila Chava Talia - Lila in memory of David and Laura's brother Larry, Chava/Eve in memory of their aunt Barbara Ellen AND in honor of grandma Esther Ruth, and Talia in honor of grandma Toby.

The baby is adorable and tiny. She's such a little mush! Laura seems to be handling things ok. The naming was lovely. David and I had the Levi aliyah, and then Larua had the next aliyah, so we were all on the bima with her. The boys came up. At one point, my friend E sent Sofia up, but she was too disruptive, so my other friend D took her back down. My parents came, as did several good friends (S, N, D, L) and some surprise friends (J&L).

We had bought decorations for the kiddush, and there were latkes and bagels. It was very relaxed and "haimish" (homey). Everyone hung out at shul for a while. Then my parents and Laura came back to the house, and D brought the girls over later. After D left, my neighbors came over with their 1 year old and we had more latkes and did Havdalah and lit the chanukiyot again.

But in the middle, Laura and David had a quick run to the ER, because Lilie had a very stuffy nose and Laura's pediatrician said to take her in. The ER doc listened quickly and then sent them home - it was all just upper, nothing in her chest. Whew!

It was a very nice day, marred only by the fact that the baby's own grandparents were not there and her mother is a very young girl. I hope they are ok.

Friday I took Laura shopping for nursing tops, and I felt like I was in full grandma mode myself. I made brisket for Friday dinner (David was out), and I helped Laura give her daughter a blessing when we lit the Shabbat candles.

Sunday was fun - Sam had a K'vutza event (3rd-4th grade youth group) at Plaster Fun Time. D brought her girls, and she and I talked while I painted my own project; then she helped me with Hebrew homework. Then the 3rd graders had a birthday party in Holliston, so we dropped them off, had a bite to eat, and walked around with J.

In the evening, David and I went to my grad school program Hanukah party. It was nice. The lady who hosted has a lovely, very "grown up" (i.e. breakable) apartment, but there was also a fire in the fireplace and tons of scented candles and a small dog, so my allergies got really bad. I wheezed most of the way home. I'm better now

As for my mood, I'm better than last week. I got some sleep on Thursday and Friday nights (although then I woke up at 5:30 on Saturday and 6:00 on Sunday).

Today we had an ice storm. The drive to school was fine, but our driveway, which is very very steep, is a solid sheet of ice. The minivan slide all the way down. Right now I had to park at the bottom.


Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

I love hearing about the Jewish traditions. Your allergies would go crazy at my house. We have those automatic air freshers and use candles too. My oldest son has asthma and tons of allergies, but is never bothered by it.

I would have freaked if our van had slid all the way down our driveway. I'm about to bite my nails over here thinking about it.