Sunday, December 2, 2007

Catching up

So much to catch up on.

So David and I spent Thanksgiving weekend in Quebec City. On Thanksgiving Day (after my last blog entry), we stopped at the mall and I amazingly found a decent and on-sale bathing suit on the first try. Then we drove - in a snowstorm - about 30 minutes north of the city, ot a nordic spa, Le Nordique.

This is what it looked like when we walked outside, after putting on our bathing suits:

So first we sat in the Sauna, heated up our bodies. I don't have a great tolerance for heat, so we only sat about 10 minutes the first time.

Then we went outside and took a very fast dip in the cold pool (5 degrees C). Then back inside to relax in a warm room, then a dip in the (outside) whirlpool.

Then we repeated, the second time trying the Steam Room instead of the Sauna (I liked Sauna better, so I only did the Steam Room once).

One time, instead of dipping the the Cold Pool, we ventured down to the river, which, at 1 degree C, actually had snow slush floating on it.And it was SOOO cold!


Anyway, the rest of the weekend was lovely. We had fondue twice, sushi once, mediocre pasta, yummy breakfasts. We walked in very cold weather and several light snow storms. We shopped. We relaxed. We ate. We drank. We talked. We had so much fun!

So we came home on Monday (the boys did not have school, so there was an extra day of vacation for everyone). Within about 2 minutes of walking into our house, it was crazy again - the kids and my folks had just gotten there too, and the boys were bouncing off the walls.

The week was busy. Since bedtime at my parents house is so late, the boys had trouble getting up in the mornings for school. I spent evenings working on a video for the day school's gala (and ignoring my Hebrew Homework). Friday we had Shabbat dinner at the home of friends.

But boy, yesterday was SOOO busy!

1. At 8am, we went to my hairdresser for the following transformation:

Yup, David not only cut off all the hair to donate to Locks of Love, he also shaved the beard and mustache! I have never seen his top lip! The kids were so excited.

2. We drove to CT to spend the afternoon with Grandma Ruth and David's sister Laura and her new baby and their cousin Heather and her new baby and hubby and son. I posted a bunch of pictures on a new webpage, but here are a few:I get to hold 2 babies, and then hand them back!

Ian Robert and Lilien Eve - he is 2 days and 2 weeks older than her, but so much larger!

After a long and somewhat emotionally charged day, we left Grandma's at about 6:30. But of course I'd forgotten that it was the night of my 25th high school reunion, and my friend J had flown in with her hubby from Omaha! I'd totally forgotten to RSVP! So I figured I'd just stop by and say "hi" while David and the kids waited in the car...

but everyone wanted me to stay, so I sent David off to drop the kids at my parents' house, and then we crashed the party! It was so much fun to see everyone.We were there until after 11, which means we didn't get to our house (after picking up the kids) until after 1:30 am. I am SOOO tired today!


Anonymous said...

I think I was a really little kid the last time anyone saw David's top lip! The blog is great - so nice to see what your family is up to! Hope to see you soon!