Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Good Day

Well, today has been good all day, and just got better. Busy, of course, but fun.

1. Drop the boys at school.
2. Race to the mall to meet out Speech Pathologist at the playspace at 8:30am. Had fun watching Sofia interact with another little girl (who is coincidentally also in the EI program).
3. Speech left right after Occupational Therapy arrived.
4. Sofia got ored with the playspace halfway through OT, so we all walked around the new wing of the mall, exploring lose flooring (Sofia did a great dance on a piece of sheet metal).
5. My girlfriend C arrived just as the OT was leaving.
6. We sat in the American Express Lounge at the mall for a while, having a snack.
7. We roamed the mall for a few hours, having a great time (I don't get to see C that often, and I love her dearly).
8. Just as we were about to go to lunch, we ran into my other dear friend, R, so she joined us too! (And she's the one who is so great with Sofia, so Sofia was also very glad to see her).
9. Sofia fell asleep just as C and I got back to the other side of the mall, where the cars were parked, but she did not stay asleep when I transfered her to the car. (boo hoo!)
10. Drove around trying to get her to sleep.
11. Gave up, and parked in front of the school waiting for the boys.
12. Got the boys, raced to the pediatrician's office so Sam could get his flu shot and his chickenpox booster.
13. Went to Tae Kwan Do (where today I got to meet a few of the dads instead of their wives).
14. At TKD, had the pleasure of hearing my eldest son recite his Torah reading (for Thursday) almost perfectly!
15. Sofia fell asleep in the car on the way home, but woke up when I tried to transfer her to the crib. Ugh.
16. Ordered pizza on the way home, but it took over an hour, so the kids were all melting down when it arrived. But they perked up after they ate.
17. Lit the Chanukah menorahs for the last time. Tonight we lit 5 chanukiyot (menorahs), for a total of 45 candles (8 plus one "shammash" in each).
19. Eventually got the kids to bed and started working on my homework.
20 Just got a call from the boys' head-of-school, inviting me to chaperone tomorrow's Shlock Rock concert at Maimo! Yippie! And David is going to be working in his office, which means he can pick up Sofia from her playgroup.

So now I'm in a really good mood. Yeah.

Quick shout out to my online friend AF, who can't read this anyway because she lives in the Midwest and has no power. Stay warm!

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