Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snowstormy day

What a weird day. We had a big storm last night and most of this morning. Everything we'd planned to do today was either cancelled or we just could not get out of the driveway (the birthday party at the mall that Micah was supposed to go to was apparently still on at 11 am, but David had only just started to plow!). So the little ones and I were inside all day; poor David took more than 3 hours to do the driveway, in the wind and rain, while Sam spent almost the entire day either outside or next door playing with his friend.

I just submitted my last Hebrew Homework!!!! I can't believe it. By 6pm tonight, I'd barely begun Lesson 8, but I just spent all evening working on it. All that's left now is the final (and anything the teacher says I need to re-do, but so far so good). Whew! But how in the world am I going to find a specific 24 hour period between now and Dec. 27 to do the final? David is going to NJ tomorrow for the day (by train), and then flying to Israel on Tuesday until the 27th. Sofia came down with a head cold today (it might be a tooth, but I'm not sure), and one of the boys is hacking away in their room, but I'm not sure if it's Sam or Micah. I'm supposed to take them all to CT on Saturday afternoon, and we have a full day planned for both Sunday and Tuesday down there. Whew. Well, maybe I can go hide out in the library down there on Monday or Wednesday.

Super-sad news from the T21 board: one of the moms passed away last night. I did not realize it (because I don't read all the threads), but she'd been sick with cancer for a while. Scary. And the fact that I have an unexplained dot on my palm for the past week does not make me feel any better. I am going to try to see the dermatologist tomorrow. It's starting to freak me out. At first I thought it was a blood blister, but it has not changed in a week.

I took Sofia to the Metrowest Down Syndrome "holiday" party yesterday for a few minutes. I just wanted to stop in and see if there were any other kids close to her age (there weren't, at least not at the party, except one 2 year old boy). I did get to meet a few people I've only "met" via email so far, and I saw the 2 moms I had met last year. Sofia was tired and it was hot and loud, so she started clutching my shoulder. We didn't stay long. She was also freaked out by the Santa (and I was a bit weirded out by it, too).

The day school gala was cancelled tonight. Sigh. That would have been fun, although David was a wreck after doing the driveway all day. It's still really windy and cold out; I'm not sure we'll have school tomorrow. Yick.

Rambling. Time to go to bed.