Sunday, April 27, 2008

Art and the end of vacation week

Whew! They go back to school tomorrow. Mommy does the Happy Dance!!!

Actually, given that it was a holiday all week, the vacation wasn't too terrible. After the weekend of seders, we had the Boston Marathon and the dentist on Monday, a trip to Garden in the Woods and a playground in Sudbury before Tae Kwan Do on Tuesday (with my mother's helper!), a playdate at our house, try on clothing, and then another playdate at a playground on Wednesday, a full-day playdate on Thursday at the D's home (both boys are friends with their boys), followed by TKD again, and then I took the kids to CT on Friday to visit my family.

We got to my folks around 1pm, and my sister wasn't due with the kids for a few hours, so I went off for a manicure and pedicure. When Melissa and the girls arrived, Melissa and I ran an errand for Mom and did a little browsing at Payless and Pier One. Then a yummy dinner (mom makes the BEST meatloaf!). The twins slept over also, so all 4 kids were in my old room (the one that is now a closet!), and Sofia slept with me downstairs on the pullout sofa.

Saturday morning, a nice breakfast, and then Mom came with me and the kids to Target. Then I dropped the boys at my neices' soccer game and took Mom home. Picked up the boys (Sofia was asleep in the car) and drove back home.

David landed right about when we got home, so he arrived not too long after us. The kids were all over him. A quick dinner, and then the babysitter arrived so he and I could go out.

We went to the art gallery in Worcester again, to meet the artist (Lauri Blank) who did the large painting in our room...and apparently now we are "collecting" her, since we bought TWO MORE PAINTINGS! Yikes. My husband is bizarre. He has no problem buying art but will question me about $17 at TJ Max. That's a different conversation...

So we will soon be the proud owners of:
Aspen Glow

And also "Autumn Leaves", but I cannot seem to find an image of it. We're getting #1 of that printing!!!

Both gorgeous. I have NO IDEA where they will go. These things are big!

We already have (and love) "Sunday Morning":

Ok, anyway, this morning, David left at 7am to catch his flight to Israel (he just landed and called me a little while ago; had a layover in London for a few hours). So this afternoon, I met my friend R and her kids and we took all the kids to see "Horton Hears a Who". I managed to fall asleep in the movie theater with Sofia on my lap! The kids liked it, 'though.

Then we went to BJs, where I stocked up on all sorts of household stuff, and then off to Bugaboo Creek for an early end-of-Passover. I couldn't take it anymore, and the kids were really bugging me!

So then home, unload, get them to bed, and I just spent 4 hours working on the yearbook. Gotta go to sleep now!!!