Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Apology Accepted

Ok, I finally talked to the other mom, who did indeed apologize. It turns out they only officially decided 2 weeks ago (even though the rumors have been flying - that'll teach me to listen to rumors!), but she acknowledged that they should have told us as soon as they told the school.

So we all have a play-date together on Shabbat afternoon. And they are indeed moving, so that will be the last time at that house. Supposedly the new house is closer to us, so maybe one day they will be here instead.

Today I drove out to Sturbridge to meet my parents and pick up Sam. Then we came home, relaxed a few minutes, then took Sam to his therapy appointment. I took Sofia and Micah to a local playground during the appointment, and of course Micah was instantly part of a cluster of little boys (all playing Bakugan, whatever that is). He's an amazing little guy, able to fit into a crowd immediately.

Of course, he's also an impossible little guy. Before we left this morning, I made him try on all the pants that I thought were his size in the closet. Apparently NOTHING fits, but it was an amazing thing to watch. He would either suck in his gut so the pants slid down his waist, or puff our his belly so they'd be too tight. I now have a nice neat stack of pants that we will try again another day. Sigh.

I'm exhausted. All three of them were screaming, either at me, at each other, or at their food, during lunch, and the boys kept on screaming all the way home, and in the living room. At least after the therapy appointment, they all played outside a while with the neighborhood gang. Even Sofia was with them a bit (I kept a close eye out).

Oh, yesterday I also took Micah to Stride Rite to get his feet measured. Then we tried on some shoes. The clerk was very confused when Micah complained that one pair was too tight. "They are a half size bigger than he needs, and a double-wide. How can they be too tight?" I explained that it was just a personality issue, nothing to do with the shoes. He did eventually get a pair, Barfaramas (complete with neon green "slime" on the sides), but they are hideously expensive (even I don't get shoes that cost that much!), so he has to wear them IN the house every day for a week before he is allowed to take the tags off and wear them out. I already have 2 pair of practically unworn sneakers (fortunately just from Target and Payless), because he has a nasty habit of deciding he does not like something immediately AFTER he takes the tag off. Anyone need Size 12 boys' sneakers?