Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Blog to share: Check out Dave Hinsburger's Chewing The Fat blog. Both today's post and yesterday's post just blew me away.

Ok, what a DAY I have had! Let's see.. I overslept (David and I watched "Night at the Museum" last night until late), so I was rushing to get Sam and Sofia ready for school. E came to take care of Micah, I dumped off S&S, and raced to Natick to (first pick up coffee! and then...) join David to meet with our couple's therapist. Yes, the glamorous duo of David and Francine sees a therapist on occasion, just to try to keep things on track.

Anyway, while we are there, David's gastrointerologist called. David has been sick for a few days, and tomorrow he was supposed to have a colonoscopy, but we were concerned that the pre-op instructions called for him to take a WHOLE BOTTLE of Miralax. That would probably kill him, especially when he is having a Crohn's attack. So Dr. Sung calls to say "Go to the E.R. now!" Fortunately, David's cell phone is loud, so thetherapist and I could both her the conversation very clearly.

Ok, so now my husband is off to the E.R. with a potential bowel obstruction...and I'm supposed to drive three small children to New Hampshire in the rain to look at a asleep-away camp. I make him promise to call me continuously, and arrange for my friend R to be his back-up driver if he needs help.

I also have to call my friend K to see if she can track down the guy who owns the condo we are supposed to rent next week (next door to K's mother-in-law), because I still have not heard from him and we are supposed to arrive this weekend!).

I pick up Micah, we pick up pizza for the car, then get S&S out of school early, and hit the road. And the Monsoon starts. White-knuckle driving most of the way.

We get to camp only about 10 minutes late (I had called to tell them we hit traffic and bad weather). In the office, I see a girl I grew up with; her own kids are at the camp and she works there part-time. Wildly small world.

The director meets us, and I'm trying to herb my three small children in the rain, juggling Sofia's stroller and 3 umbrellas (we gave up on those eventually) and managing Micah's many complaints, all the while trying to listen attentively and ask useful questions.

I'm afraid Camp Yavneh did not win us over the way Camp Ramah did. Beyond the bad-karma of the visit, when I questioned the director about how they handle kids who need a little extra mental assistance, she basically told me they are not equipped to handle that.

So no Yavneh for Sam. Whew, at least now we know where he'll go; we just have to decide when now.

So far, that was non-stop racing all day. After the hour-long tour, she walked us back to the car and we were dismissed... I left the kids in the car and ran to the bathroom, and then got back on the road. About 20 minutes away, I found a mall, and fortunately there was a kiddie play space, so I let them bounce and climb and run for a while.

Around this time, David calls to tell me he has been discharged from the hospital, after an Xray and a CT scan and an MRI. They couldn't really find anything bad, just a definite Crohne's flair-up. They gave him a shot of Prednisoln, but he does not have to continue taking it (whew! That makes him miserable!).

We also attempted to have dinner at the mall, at a Mexican restaurant, but it was fairly miserable. The boys kept fighting, Sofia kept yelling, and I spilled a whole Coke. Sigh.

Hit the road around 6:45. A little before 8, my own tummy took a turn for the worse, and I had to pull over to a hotel, leave the kids locked in the car (with my cell phone and R's number), and race to the bathroom there. Sympathy Crap?

So we're finally all home, kids are asleep, David just returned from going out with the guys on the street (he only had ice tea, really). I'm going to SLEEP now! I don't een rmember yesterday (i do recall that, by 8pm, I couldn't even remember the rest of the day...something about Mommy & Micah time at Target and the library, and then ...Oh! yeah, we had a Down Syndrome Meet & Greet at the EI center. It was lovely...and my friend N showed up, and took Sammy with her to pick up her kids from camp, so we had dinner at N's house...)


amy flege said...

seriously girl, can you get anything more in one day!! woo hooo