Sunday, August 24, 2008

Neil Diamond at Fenway Park!

Yes, we got to go see Neil Diamond last night! CCCCCCOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL (ok, maybe not exactly Cool. more like completely un-hip. But "wicked fun!") My friend R's hubby gets a lot of free concert tix through work, so they offered us these. I forced David to go. All the way in to town, he kept joking about us bringing the average age in the stadium way down, cracking Viagra jokes, etc. But I had an awesome time. ND is a great performer, and who among us did not grow up singing all his songs (besides, apparently, my dear husband)?

After the concert, we met up with R&J and another couple at Jake Ivory's, a piano bar on Lansdowne Street. I haven't been to Jake Ivory's in nearly 20 years (a college chum of mine became a regular there for a while). It was also fun, except that I spent the whole time staring into people's armpits (I'm somewhat short!).

David and J got a wee bit smashed, so we all went for McDonalds in Kenmore Square at 11:45, which was a fairly frightening thing, especially since the boys are both LOUD drunks! I drove home, watching my adorable husband stagger to the car and turn into a bobble-head in the car.

Today, we're understandably exhausted and a bit hung over (I was fine to drive, waited several hours after the last drink before I drove, but the excitement of the evening did me in). David went into the office for a little while, and then we all went over to my friend L's new house - L's younger son is in Micah's class and the older son is friends with Sammy. They have a pool, so we all enjoyed the lovely weather.

9:20, and I'm the only one awake. Not by much - I'm going to sleep now!