Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hurting for my Son

Oh, the pain of being a mommy. I'm so upset right now, and it's mostly on behalf of Sammy.

There is a family who has been at the day school as long as we have. Their older son has been Sam's best friend since kindergarten, and their younger son has been Micah's best friend since before they even started at the school.

In late May, the younger son announced to his classmate that he was going to be going to a different school next year. I called the mother that night, and she did confirm it. And at the time, she said she was not sure what she was doing with the older son.

Well all summer I have heard rumors that the older son would also not be coming back. But I did not hear them from her, and Sam did not hear from his friend.

Finally yesterday I spoke with the principal (about something else) and she confirmed that the older son was not coming back either.

I had mentioned to Sammy a few weeks ago that I thought it was possible that his friend wasn't coming back. He didn't understand why the kid hadn't mentioned it to him at all.

In the mean time, Micah wants a playdate with his friend, so I emailed the mother to see if the younger boy was available this week. I was told (in email) that yes, the kid would love to have Micah (to his house, no possibility of me NOT driving the 40 minutes each way while shlepping my other children), and that she would be gone with the older son for a few hours in the morning but relatives would be happy to welcome Micah.

Ok, I can take a hint. Please drop off Micah at a time when the older boys will not have to see each other. Got it. But how do I explain to Sammy that his former best friend does not even want to see him, let alone speak to him?

Sigh. I hate parenting.

(Oh, and I got to take Micah to see "The Clone Wars" today - loud and boring, I actually managed to fall asleep during the movie. But he enjoyed it.).


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

That's so harsh! Why would this family do that?! I'm so sorry Sammy was hurt :(.

FBF Rothkopf said...

That's a great question. Someone else suggested to me that, because they are pulling both their kids out of the school, they are just pulling away mentally by being ... well, by being jerks.



Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

Oh I am so sorry! I know you will handle it the best way you can. ((HUGS))