Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Busy couple of days

Well, THAT was an interesting two days...

Tuesday was just a whirlwind.

1. Drive boys to school
2. Chase Sofia around the playground
3. Drive Sofia to school (YEAH!!!)
4. run home to finish breakfast
5. dump some paperwork into the savings box at the bank
6. Trader Joe's for a few items
7. get thoroughly beaten up by the acupuncturist
8. race back to pick up Sofia
9. home for a very quick lunch
10. get gas for the minivan
11. go see the new psychotherapist recommended for Sam's OCD
11 a. chase Sofia around said psychotherapists office while trying to have a coherent conversation
12. take Sofia to a playground to burn off some energy
13. pick up boys and two extras
14. drive to J's house
15. SWIM (nice heated pool!)
15 a. don't really swim, just try to keep Sofia from drowning
15 b. hand off Sofia so I can comfort Micah about something
15 c. try to rush my children to get dressed because we had to...
16. drive to Tae Kwan Do for the boys' first class of the school year
17. chase Sofia around TKD
17 a. break up six arguments between Sofia and another little girl re: toys
17 b. search for Sofia...and find that she's stuffed herself into a locker in the boys' changing room...and doesn't want to get out
18. Drive back home again.

By the time David walked in, I was very very near tears. I prepped some leftovers for me and Sofia, left out other food he could give to all males, and tried to ignore them for a few minutes.

(But the cute story: before dinner, I was laying flat on my stomach on the living room floor. I was in quite a bit of pain from the acupuncture treatment [all better today], and really wiped out. Sam was trying to rub my legs, Micah was bouncing around, and Sofia kept climbing on my back and shoving her face near mine and saying "Mama? Eat!" So Micah said "Hey, SOfia, do you want to go watch School House Rock?" "OH WOW! Yes!" She was very cute. And Micah was very helpful.)

Anyway, we got them into bed, I managed to read quietly with Micah after Sofia went to sleep. Poor Sam was going into OCD mode, and David had a nice long serious chat with him. I got into my own bed and was reading, when David and Sam came in. We continued the serious conversation, and then started getting a little sillier, until David and Sam were playing a little game of Tag in our room...

...and David made it all the way around the ottoman EXCEPT for his pinky toe.

Fractured. And hanging out at a 45 degree angle. Much pain.

So it was a rough night, made even more difficult by appearances by each of the three kids, somewhere in the 2am vicinity.

Ok, this morning, David was still in a lot of pain, and kept getting nauseous and almost passing out when he tried to stand. Mr. Martyr was going to drive himself down to his (conveniently already scheduled) doctor's appointment (an hour away - he still sees all the docs from before we were married).

I made the executive decision, arranged for my wonderful neighbor to take Sofia to and from school, we raced off to bring the boys to school and then got to spend the morning at his doctors' office (it's a big Medical Center, with a lot of departments). Turns out his actual appointment was canceled, but since he is there every 8 weeks for his Remicade infusion, he is well knkown and loved by the nurses, who rushed him through for an Urgent Care visit and an Xray. Orthopedics took forever, and ultimately all they could do was buddy-tape the toe to the next one.

But at least I got to spend the morning hanging out with my hubby. If it weren't so bizarre, it would have been lovely.

Anyway, got back just in time to get Sofia (who did NOT want to leave the neighbor's house - someone else's toys AND a dog!), and take her to her first gymnastics class at the new place. She loved it, especially the trampoline (of course!). There were only 6 kids, and she's one of the older - I put her in the 3.5-4.5 class instead of the next age up. Good choice. She wandered away a few times, but by the end she was getting the hang of it. The lead teacher knows her from past birthday parties, and was very good with her. The assistant needed a little training. But it was a good class.

And a full hour, so we had to race out to go get the boys. Then race back to the same building to drop Sammy at his regular therapy appointment. Then I screwed up, and took Micah to HIS appointment, but he won't start for another two weeks. Walked the little ones around a bit, then we just sat in Sam's waiting room until he was done.

Whew. Dinner, baths, Sammy homework (5th grade is a lot tougher!), David is asleep, and I just spent a few hours prettying up the handout for the High Holidays. I hope the Rabbi likes it.