Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of School

"It's the MOST WONDERFUL time of the year..."

I know, I know, if you are a teacher, it's not so much, but oh MY, those last few weeks of summer really are difficult! SO I was thrilled to take the boys back to school this morning.

I really do love the school, for many reasons. The excellent academics. The detailed attention given to each child. The programs. The wonderful environment.

But I also love it because I love all the people there! The teachers, the staff, and the parents. And yes, even the kids...

So Micah was awake by 6am, quietly went downstairs and ate breakfast, then got dressed. By 6:20, he was in my room, trying not to talk too loudly (Sofia was asleep in my bed. I, alas, had woken up at 5:30 when she came in...)

We managed to get out the door without too much drama; both boys were excited, I'd been efficient and packed as much of the backpacks and lunchboxes as could be done in advance (although somehow, Sam's shofar got OUT of his backpack, possibly when it went through the dryer in an effort to "sanitize" the "contaminated" section. I'm really NOT liking this OCD crap!)




Sofia and I stayed at school for the Family Connection meeting and some playground time, and then came home to rest and watch TV. After lunch, I was going to take her to a playground, but she fell asleep in the car, so I ended up at school an hour early, put her in the stroller (still asleep) and walked around the building a few times.

We stayed and played for about 45 minutes after school, and then meandered home. There are about 75 road construction spots between home and school, so now it takes forever to go back and forth. I hope they finish some of them soon!

This evening, Sam was looking at a photo of me from when he was younger, and said: "You haven't changed much, Mommy . In fact, you look like a Trophy Wife!"

I don't know whether to be happy or really really worried...