Saturday, February 20, 2010

A few birthday pictures

We had a lazy morning on Thursday. Sam and I gave Sofia her presents when we woke up, and she kept going back to the closet (where they had been kept) looking for more!

She got two Barbie fairies and a PJ Sparkles set:

David got home around 12:45, and we raced into Worcester for our 2pm appointment with our friend Liz. Then we had a really really nice lunch at a little cage, Z-Cafe, in downtown Worcester, and then off to the Art Museum.

It was a little difficult with Sofia at the museum. She wasn't so interested in the pictures, and only wanted MAMA to hold her hand or give her a piggy back ride. So I hung out with her while David and Sam browsed and enjoyed. Sofia and I did have some fun in the Discovery Room (although I almost fell asleep in there!):

We got home late, had a light dinner of various leftovers, and then we celebrated with a candle in a bowl of ice cream. She was VERY happy!

Friday morning was lazy again, and then, when our sitter E arrived, we all left, picked up my friend's two daughters, and had a field trip to the supermarket (me, E, and 4 kids...including my little get-away artist). Then we went to Whimsy, this cool "paint-your-own" place. The three bigger kdis and I did projects (they did boxes, and I did a mosaic decoration), while E followed Sofia around all the play spaces.

Got home late, and put up dinner. The kids played on the Wii and had snacks. David and the girls' parents arrived late, but we had a nice Shabbos dinner.

Today, off to shul, including a baby naming for our friends' new daughter. The baby was adorable, staring at the Cantor as he sang. Miss Sofia, however, RAN and RAN and RAN around the sanctuary, making me crazy. I love my shul, and I love how much everyone loves Sofia. But I noticed that only the mothers of kids with Special Needs knew enough to STOP Sofia from escaping; everyone else just let her get through.

Home all afternoon. My folks arrived with Micah around 3, and left about an hour later (they wanted to go shopping). I made 2 dozen cupcakes for tomorrow, and the boys and I decorated them tonight.

I'm a little nervous that people are going to forget about Sofia's party tomorrow. I'm not sure why; maybe just feeling insecure.

I also have to take Sofia to a Purim party in the morning, with a Juggler. She'll love it.

I'm tired. Still not feeling great; ear infection is a little better, but cough still bad. Not a lot of energy. So I am trying to sit still...until I have to do things for my family..