Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Baby is 5!

Not quite sure how THAT happened, but in just a few hours, my sweet Principessa, Sofia Phoebe Daniella Rothkopf, will be turning FIVE YEARS OLD!!!!!

It's all a blur. I made a little video of the past year (plus some early pics):

In other ews, it's school vacation week, and Micah is in CT with my parents for the week. He's having a blast. Sounds very happy when I speak to him, and my mom sent some pictures from yesterday's snowstorm - he actually built a snow fort with Pop!

Sam went to my in-laws' for the weekend, but came home with us Sunday night when we dropped off Micah. He's been happy at home, because Laura gave us a Wii (thank you, Laura!), and I took him shopping for a few extra games on Monday. His buddy slept over last night. And he's seen the Percy Jackson movie twice already - once with his grandfather, and then with me and his buddy (and that kid's mom, my friend) yesterday.

Today was a little more boring for him, because all play date plans were canceled due to all mommies being ill (and I now have a double ear infection again, and some breathing problems). Sam had to watch Sofia while I got my hair done, which was a lot of work. But he pepped up when I bought him a Mythology book as a reward.

Sofia has been happy watching Sam play on the Wii and having tea parties with the babysitters (no way was I bringing her to the Percy Jackson movie, and tonight I got to go out with some friends).

Tomorrow, just the four of us, going into Worcester for the afternoon. My folks will bring Micah back on Saturday, and we have a party at "My Gym" for Sofia on Sunday afternoon. She's looking forward to it!

In my free time this week, I've been transferring VHS tapes to DVD with my new toys (some cables and software). Very geeky. Have not worked on Thesis in a few days, but also have not felt well all week (which was why I went to the clinic this evening!).


Tracy said...

Happy Birthday Sofia!!

amy flege said...

sorry i missed her birthday! have been out of town. I hope she had a wonderful day and a great party!!!!!!