Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Rothkopf Infirmary is open for business

My ear infection/cough did not get any better, so yesterday morning after I dropped all the kids at their schools, I camped out at my doctor's office for the morning. It's usually not a good sign when the nurse looks in your ear and says "Ew! What's that?!", and then the doctor looks in your ear and says "Ew. You have ear tubes?" but you don't.

So they put me on a different antibiotic, which fortunately seems to be working MUCH better.

Fortunate, because both boys stayed home today. Sam has been stuffy/drippy for a few days, but by yesterday afternoon he had no voice left.

And I was at a lecture (on Executive Function and 5th graders) last night when the babysitter texted me: Micah had started throwing up. So I left the lecture, raced home (quick stop for gingerale and gatorade), and spent the evening cleaning.

And since Sofia had a blood draw in the afternoon (routine, for her regular endocrinology checkup), she'd taken a 2 hour nap, so she was up watching TV until 10 pm. Did you know that Sprout's Good Night Show has a whole half hour On Demand that is simply of various characters SLEEPING?! It was pretty.

So Micah slept in his room, Sam camped out on Sofia's couch (her room gets more humid since it's the smallest), and Sofia slept with me. Except that Micah and I were up every two hours, including when he took a shower at 4pm.

Sofia did go to school today, and Micah stayed home (neighbor watching) while I took Sam to the pediatrician. Not strep, fortunately, just "laryngitis virus", which seemed liked a made-up virus...

Micah did take a very long nap, and he hasn't barfed since early this morning, so hopefully it was a quick bout. And Sofia is busy playing with all her birthday gifts and watching movies.

So speaking of Birthday Parties.... she had a terrific time at hers!

Sofia flyimg on the zip line, with Micah racing along:

She loved her cupcakes:

Lilie helped blow out the candles:

Yum, gluten-free brownie cupcake:

She got some lovely gifts, I'll be working on thank-you notes!