Monday, February 1, 2010

Personality Differences

For several years, whenever Sam had trouble falling asleep, I could walk him through a "visualization", describing the house and grounds of the villa we rented in Italy when he was 5. He could totally immerse himself in the memory of that lovely place. Sometimes, I would describe some other place, but he never had any problem just relaxing into the scene, and falling asleep.

So Micah just came out of their room, an hour after I said "good night", complaining that he could not fall asleep. Silly me, I tried the same visualization on him.

Granted, he was only two and a half when we were in Italy, but he's seen the photos often enough. He should have a vague grasp of what things looked like. And I do give lots of details (it's supposed to bore them to sleep, right).

Well, Micah is Micah. And instead of relaxing into the scene, he starts asking questions.

"Wait, when you say there are two double beds, how does that work?"
"Why is the cat in the bush?"
"What do you mean, the tub has a seat in it?"

It went on and on. I was laughing so hard! He finally thanked me for the effort, gave me a big hug and kiss, and said he would try again himself to fall asleep.

Oh, they are SO different!