Monday, February 8, 2010

Never EVER a dull moment!

What a weekend! What a week!

I spent most of last week prepping for Friday and Saturday's "Shabbat Yachad", the Day School "Shabbat Together", which was at my own shul.

Of course, I say "most of" but that's not really true. Monday, Sofia missed school due to excessive sniffles, so she came with me to get my thumb stitches out.

Wednesday I had to be "Whimsical" as I was the song leader and story teller for the day school's preschool program, Whimsical Wednesday.

Thursday, I had a funeral to go to, and a shiva to help run. The Office Administrator for the day school lost her husband this week after a seven month fight with pancreatic cancer. The funeral was very moving. After the service, I went straight to her house (instead of to the cemetery) to help set up the food. So that was busy; but my dear friend R was with me, and other ladies I love were also working the house.

Thursday night David and I went out to dinner, since he didn't get home from Florida until midnight Tuesday night.

So Friday was really prepping for the Shabbaton...oh, and first I had my Masters Seminar at my college, and then an hour meeting with my adviser. I guess I'm in good shape on my thesis. She said I have enough material to write a whole book, but she helped me focus for the paper first. I guess I can write the book after I graduate!

Ok. So THEN I worked on the Shabbaton. Tried to have the kids help me set 17 tables, but Sofia kept un-setting, and I made Micah's friend cry (she does cry easily) because they were making pyramids out of the cups and I got somewhat angry...

But everything worked out. Dinner for 159 people was lovely (except that at the last minute we had to move the other family from our table to a "selling" table, so the Rothkopf family ended up alone until the Head of School took pity on us and joined us). Food was great.

Saturday morning was mayhem, but somehow it all worked. Not only were our students reading Torah, but it was also the Religious School's Family Service. So there were two separate services. The "regular" service, where Sam and his classmates were reading, was upstairs in the double classroom. Sam did GREAT! I was so proud of how he read.

Downstairs was complete chaos in the Social Hall for an hour, and then we moved into the sanctuary so our third graders could read Torah for the first time. Oh, and I was also reading, the Ten Commandments. All the kids were terrific!

Then we had lunch for 250 people.

No problem.

I was asleep within 10 minutes of getting home. Two of Sam's friends came home with us, so the kids played. After sundown, another two kids came over, while their parents went with David over to the shiva house. The kids all had a blast.

Sunday, David had to leave early to catch his flight to California. He'll be back Tuesday midnight again.

In the afternoon I took the kids over to the shiva house. Sofia made herself right at home, taking off her shoes and socks and hogging couches and ordering strangers to get her more potato chips. Good thing she's cute!

Then my friend D and I took the kids to the mall. Just hung out, walked around.

And as we were heading back to the car, I got a full-blown migraine aura. So D loaded us into our car, and I had to wait about 10 minutes until I could see well enough to drive.

Was asleep by 9pm.

Today was supposed to be back to normal, start really writing my thesis. Dropped off the boys, stopped at shul to pick up last few things from kitchen, dropped off Sofia, took food to house, worked out, showered, and went to Whole Foods to get lunch and an Internet connection...

... and the school nurse called to say Sam's right ankle really did look different from his left, and perhaps the pediatrician should take a look. Seems Mr. Sam had jumped off the couch on Saturday afternoon, and he was moaning most of last night.

Ok. I was five minutes from school. Called peds, told the we were on our way.

The I had to find someone to get Sofia, since she was supposed to get out at 12:30 and now it was noon.

Took me 8 calls before I found someone who was available. Thanks, J! School was not helpful: "Well, didn't you call the people on your emergency list?" Duh. Of course I did, at least the ones who had access to a car seat.

Anyway, saw the doc, and she sent us over for an xray. Sofia arrived just as we were leaving peds, perfect timing. Off to the hospital.

Sofia charmed everyone she met, and mostly cooperated with holding mine or Sam's hand. Got the xray, found out it was indeed only a sprain. Went down to the ER to learn appropriate use of crutches (he has a field trip tomorrow).

My friend D picked up Micah and brought him home after school, so we've been home most of the afternoon. Hoping for another early night. RIGHT, KIDS?????

Tomorrow morning is Sofia's IEP meeting. So no thesis writing again. Maybe Wednesday...


Tracy said...

Those sprained ankles are a pain in more ways than one! I had to get Allison from school in November and take her to the doc for the same thing. She hurt her ankle jumping off a fence and complained and complained and it did look a little swollen. Only way to know are those darn xrays. Wish I were a radiologist. I have a feeling it would save me some time and money over the next few years!