Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Off To Camp

We took Sam off to sleep-away camp this morning! He'll be at Camp Ramah NE, about an hour from home, until July 18. The past few days have been busy, packing and running last minute errands on top of our regular madness.

Fortunately, his best friend is not only with him, not only in the same bunk, but side-by-side bed to him. Together they will be ok, and we have several friends who are counselors there as well who will look out for him.

He was nervous, but I think he'll be fine. I'm excited for him, and jealous. I wish I could go to summer camp!

The weekend was nice. Friday, my sister and family came up and we had a nice Shabbos dinner together. The twins slept over, while Melissa and Adam went to a hotel. In the morning, they picked up the twins and Sam and went to the road race that Adam was running. When they came back, we decided to head out to Springfield, to the Basketball Hall of Fame. Julia plays basketball on a team, and Sam loves the game. It's about 1.5 hours from here, easy drive down the pike. Had lunch out there. Finally, after 5 years, Sofia decided to not only acknowledge Aunt Melissa, but glom onto her! Sofia got drowsy after lunch, and nearly fell asleep on Melissa's shoulder!

The kids all had a lot of fun in the museum.

Said goodbye out there, and then I drove directly back to Logan to pick up David, returning from a week in Europe again. Good to have him home!

Sunday David and Sam went kyaking for Father's Day, while I took the other two to the pool and then took Micah to a birthday party. Otherwise, more packing.

Monday was our 12th Anniversary, and in the morning, we dropped Micah at his friend's house and then went back to Children's Waltham for Sofia's Cardiology checkup. Good news is that we don't go back for that for another two years, everything sounds fine. They can still hear the ASV and Pulmonary Stenosis, but no problems. But there was NO WAY we were going to get an EKG on that child! David, Sam and I held her while the nurse tried and tried, but she squirmed so much, the leads kept falling off. NOT a happy child!

And then today was camp. And then a NAP for me when we got home! And then the baby sitter arrived and Sofia kicked us out, and Micah took his Green Belt test in Tae Kwan Do. Wow, the kid is really really good!

And then tonight, I just got the nicest phone call. I am going to be one of Temple Israel's Simchat Torah Honorees this year! October 1 - stay tuned for more details. Pretty cool!