Sunday, February 6, 2011

Happy Sunday Night

The boys are all watching the Game in my room, David nearly asleep ,Sam cuddled next to him (Sofia was with them, but she has since passed out and been transferred back to her own room). Micah in the rocker. I'm at my desk, so I can turn around and watch the commercials, the only worthwhile part of the show.

It was a good weekend. Friday night D&E and the girls came for dinner. We made some really yummy sangria, using some of the banana and pineapple liqueurs we bought 12 years ago in Tahiti (plus some dark rum, red wine, a bit of leftover white wine, a can of mandarin orange slices, and ....uh... I thought there was another ingredient but I can't remember what it was!).

We had intended to go to shul, but David was exhausted, so we slept late. Afternoon, I took Micah and Sam and Sam's friend B to meet Micah's buddy and some other kids at Ward Hill, the very local ski place (they apparently call it "Ward Bump"). Sam had taken his snowboarding lessons there, so he went snowboarding while his buddy skied. Micah and his gang went Tubing and had a birthday party. It also rained while we were there, so they were all soaking wet. But very happy. I took Sam and B home when they were done, and Micah got a ride halfway back (I met them in the Walgreens parking lot).

Evening, Sam went to a party at his friend's house - they watched "Valentines Day", which he complained is "really a Chick Flick" - and David and I went out with friends for REALLY yummy sushi in Berlin, at a place called Shiro. We had fun, and then went to the Harvest Cafe in Hudson for live music - first time in YEARS - and coffee. Nice evening.

Today was busy. Sam had a Tefillin workshop at shul for the pre-Bar Mitzvah class. I was very proud of him; he had learned how to wrap Tefillin at camp, so he was very confident and was helping me and my friend R and her daughter. He was so cute!

Micah came with us, and then he went roller skating with the youth group for his grade. He had a blast. He is still friends with some boys from preschool. They have not seen each other much in the past few years, but 3rd grade is when youth group starts, so now they get to see each other again. (The other kids go to public school and the religious school, rather than day school).

Took Micah to Old Navy - always a joy (NOT) - and then met David and the other kids for pizza (great place that has gluten free for Sofia).

Expecting a quiet week, although David resumes travel, starting with exciting Akron (apologies for anyone who actually lives there and/or likes it there).

My Food For Thought: Does the Massachusetts mandated anti-bullying law apply to in-school Antisemitism, and how will our kids know the distinction? David asked me recently if the kids will be learning how to cope with antisemitism, since most will probably go to public high schools. David went to an Orthodox yeshiva from kindergarten through 8th grade, and then inner-city (New Britain) high school with 4000+ kids, only about 3 of whom where Jewish. He had a lot of experiences with antisemitism.

Ok, enough deep thought, impossible to think with the drivel from the TV behind me. I just downloaded about 2 months worth of pictures from my camera. I'm slipping. I used to take tons of pictures. But this year, both my point-and-shoot and my "real" camera are broken, and I'm stuck with Sam's very substandard point-and-shoot, or the camera on my iPhone (which, by the way, now has a cracked screen! I'm going to attempt a repair, already ordered a kit).

So here are a few pics:

Sofia snuggling:
Sofia snuggles

and making "Shabbat" dinner for me:
Sofia made "Shabbat" dinner

The lovely view at the Ritz Carlton Palm Beach:
Ritz Carlton Palm Beach

And my gorgeous, 99 year old grandmother, Doris:

Me and my Grandma


The following weekend, I went to Maine with my girlfriends, and on Sunday we "shmeid" around Kennebunkport:

Sofia has taken a few naps in the car recently:
Sleepy girl

But sometimes I get a lovely smile from her:
Pink Girl

The school is buried under so much snow:
School in February

But Sam had fun snowboarding:
Sam snowboarding

And here are more Tefillin workshop shots:


(Yes, Micah still hides from the camera. He also moves so much and so fast, when I do manage to get a shot, he's blurry. Trust me, he's adorable.)


Eileen said...

I'm currently on a committee working to draft our school district's new anti-bullying policy, as required by NY'S Dignity for All Students Act, which is partially based on Mass's law. It covers not only religion, but religious practide, so it would cover not only getting teased for being Jewish, but one Jewish kid teasing another for keeping kosher. Interestingly, last year we had a new 5th grader come in in the spring who was a terrible problem. He physically injured several boys with no discipline imposed, but when he ran by Bari & one of her friends in the hall & yelled "I ain't no freakin' Jew" he got an in-school suspension.