Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sitting in "My Office" (i.e. Starbucks)

Our power went out this morning. I've been waiting for that to happen. The wind has been so strong, and the trees are so heavy with ice and snow, it was just a matter of time.

So I'm sitting in "my office", soaking up the sun on a comfy chair and lovin' my laptop (and the classical music they've got playing today).

On Facebook, many of my original online friends from the forum I joined when I found out Sofia would have an extra chromosome have started a FB forum. It's nice, because we can share joys that no one else would understand (most people do not throw a party when their 7 year old learns to pull down his own underpants!). I just posted a question there about biking, and got a terrific answer:

For the past few years, Sofia has been riding in a child seat on the back of my bike. She LOVES to ride, loves the feel of the wind in her face. Other than having to take away her shoes and socks ('cause she'll just chuck 'em anywhere), she's very good about keeping her helmet on and not unstrapping her buckles. And she's even taken some quality naps back there.

But at the end of last season, I noticed that her legs were getting too long. Maybe it was just that they were dangling several inches past the stirrups, or maybe it was the increase in the kicking of my kidneys.

What to do, what to do? Now that both boys are decent riders, we liek to go to a Rail Trail for a family ride in nice weather (yes, I'm sure we'll have nice weather again one day!).

Well, someone just posted this: Buddy Bike.

OMG!!! I'm so excited about this! We had thought about a tag-along bike, but we were totally worried that Miss Sofia would just jump off when she got bored. I don't want to lock her into a trailer like a baby - that takes all the interaction away.

This is exciting. She's able to pedal her trike at school ok, but she's still little enough that there's no way shoe could keep up with us for any length of time.

This could be IT!


Tracy said...

That is really cool. We have a tag along that a neighbor gave us and Rachel enjoys riding it. She does not have that independent streak that Sofia seems to have , though.

Tracy said...

After looking at the video, I want one of those too. I hate trying to look over my shoulder to see if Rachel is okay, and she never pedals, she just sits and rides.

Katie :o) said...

Oh! That bike is exciting! We tried a full-size tricycle for our daughter a few years ago, but she never quite got the hang of it. And she's outgrown the trailer. And doesn't have the balance for a tagalong. Might have to look into this :o) Oh! I found your blog through "My Name is Sarah" :o)