Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow snow snow and more snow

I guess I am not tired of snow days yet, because I wasn't here for MLK weekend, and my kids keep themselves amused (television, movies, computers, books, and toys galore), and I have plenty to do in "free" time, or I just love being lazy. I DO like not having to drive anywhere or put in my contact lenses.

It's been a busy week and a half since my last bubbly post. I am glad you all enjoyed my thankfulness words. I was really bubbling over with happiness and wanted to make sure you all understood how much you mean to me!

The week went by in a blur. Helped out at Whimsical Wednesdays, the preschool program at the day school. This tie, Sofia did not try to leave the room, and she was very attentive and somewhat helpful with the littler kids. No school last Thursday, which means I did not get my massage (boo hoo), but hopefully tomorrow I will be able to go.

Friday evening was the beginning of the Day School Shabbaton (aka "Shabbat Yachad", which means "Shabbat Together". I guess in Israel a Shabbaton is more like a sabatical). Services were at the Conservative shul in Framingham, which is smaller than the one we go to but really lovely. We had a great turn-out from the school community. Each class led one or two prayers. The best is the Kindergarten - they always get "Lecha Dod" which is very bouncy and repetitive, and ADORABLE!

Dinner was yummy (I thought so at least - there are always people who complain). Oh, and my inlaws came up for the weekend, too, so they got to see the kids lead services!

Sofia had a blast running around with the big girls, and the boys with their friends. We went back there in the morning for more services. Sam read Torah very nicely, and gave a short commentary - he did a great job.

By lunchtime, however, my head was going to explode. It was VERY loud, with kids running all over the place. Some families are more strict than others when it comes to what their children are allowed to do during services, so there was a good-sized crowd of rowdy kids in the hallway making waaay too much noise, and during lunch they all started running around the social hall and screaming.

Finally got home - my inlaws left, and Micah went home with a friend for a playdate. Sam wasn't feeling great, so we sent him to his room to rest, we put on TV for Sofia, and David and I fell asleep for most of the afternoon. Ahhhhh. In the evening, I picked up Micah, and we all relaxed at home some more.

Which was good, since at 4am on Sunday, Sofia was screaming that her belly hurt. I was in her room (as was Micah, since we hadn't changed the sheet in his room and his grandfather had slept in his bed, which is more comfortable than the pullout couch), so I did not get much sleep.

And when I got up at 6 to move back to my room, I realized that the heat was off :(

The heating guy came around 11am for an emergency call. Boy, that's a good gig. $314 to tell us that the heater was actually fine but the chimney was blocked.

Sam's friend came over, and the plan was that David was going to take Sam and his friend to slot car racing while I took Micah and Sofia to a birthday party. However, my Samuel had a temper tantrum, which caused his father, already stressed from the cost of getting the heat back, to flip out.

So I ended up taking all 4 kids to the party, which was for a 7 year old girl. There was another 4th grade boy there, so I left Sofia at the party (which was for my friend D's daughter, so D was able to watch her), and I took the 4 boys to the Arcade for a while. Then back to the party in time for Dodge Ball. Then I took the 4 boys and Sofia - quick stop home to check (David had gone to his office to work and get more stressed), and then I took them to slot car racing.

UGH. Left the boys there, paid for their half hour, and sat in the car with Sofia and a splitting headache. Sofia slept.

Back home to pack, drop boy #4 home and then to our friends' house (boy #3) where the kids and I slept over. We went back out to meet David for dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant, The Aztec in Framingham. The 6 kids (they have two girls and one boy) had fun watching "America's Funniest Home Videos" on the TV in the restaurant while the grownups enjoyed being together.

Very grateful to stay at their house, which was nice and warm. David opted to stay at our house, and got up every hour to run the water so the pipes didn't freeze.

Monday morning Micah went to school with our friends, while I brought Sam back to Ashland for his reading group, and then Sofia and I took him to school. Then Sofia had her dental checkup. She was so good! Hopped right in the chair, wore the pink princess sunglasses, opened her mouth like a champ! I didn't even have to hold her.

Dentist was totally impressed with her articulation and lack of dental decay. Yeah!

Chimney guys came in the afternoon, and not only showed us how to properly use our chimney (by this time the house was filled with smoke, because we'd tried lighting a fire before the heating guy came!), but also told us the things that were actually wrong with our heating system. And the chimney was not actually blocked, it just wasn't venting properly.

So now we have heat again, AND we know how to have a fireplace fire without killing us.

Which is good, since we were home again today. Boys got out at 11:00 yesterday, Sofia had no school (and was sick - she fell asleep with a fever in the middle of school on Monday afternoon!). We hung out at D's house for lunch and a movie, then home. Here for the duration.

Stay warm and safe, everyone.