Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday morning

(She was playing "Throw-Catch" when I left off my last post - there were toys everywhere!).

We had a nice relaxing weekend. Fun Shabbos dinner with friends, including the kid Sam goes to overnight camp with, and his school chum, who has become my "Friday Child" - we drive him home on Fridays and he frequently stays for dinner.

In the middle of dinner, Sofia came to me with a lose tooth:

and by the end of dinner, it was out (and there was blood all over the place!)

Went to shul Saturday morning. I never even made it into the main sanctuary, because I was with Sofia in the children's service all morning.

Saturday evening, picked up Sam from his friend's house, dropped Micah at a birthday party, took Sam to Whole Foods to grab a bite to eat before a Kadima event (Kadima is the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism's youth group for grades 5&6). Met up with other friends headed to the same event, so I left Sam with them. Saw him through the window, eating dinner with his friend from school and smiling madly.

David and Sofia and I went for some really interesting food in Natick - I had a Korean dish and some sushi, David had some Thai appetizers as his meal, and Sofia chowed on soup and sushi and rice noodles.

Picked up Sam and three other kids, took them all to ice cream (sleeping Sofia and I stayed in the car while David took them in), then dropped one kid off at the birthday party ('cause his sister was there) and picked up Micah. Drove the other two kids home. Finally made it home around 9:30! Then David and I started watching "Watchmen" - I'd never seen it before. I fell asleep, so finished it last night. Interesting. You end up not liking any of the characters, but it was interesting.

Sunday we had an awesome event at the day school - Build Jerusalem with Legos! See here for some great photos. David and Sofia came in time for clean-up. which was fine for Sofia!

Then we went in to Brookline. I have my grandfather's Tefillin, but it needs to be checked before Sam starts using it. And then we dined at Rubin's, the kosher restaurant, along with about a million other people (and it's a very small place!).

Here are some pictures of Sofia getting her hair cut last week by my friend Kathy at her store, Hometown Designs in Natick.