Thursday, February 24, 2011

Why I Don't Homeschool

I admire people who can homeschool their children. The moms I know (I'm sure there are dads who homeschool, but I have never met any!) are very patient and thorough teachers. The children I know who have been homeschooled are generally amazing - thoughtful, intelligent, confident, kind.

However, when people ask my why I don't homeschool, I have one simple answer:

Some animals EAT their young!

I just worked with Micah on his Wax Museum reading. He is going to be John F. Kennedy. Yet Micah, who has a huge stack of books on his night table and who considers himself a very good reader, has decided that he CAN'T read the biography. Just CAN'T.


(This holds true for all my children. Sofia's favorite 'get out of work' line is "Noooo, CAAAAANNNNN'TTTT").

So, after applying food (Micah woke up in a MISERABLE mood this morning!), I snuggled with him in a chair (Sofia joined us for a while until Sam took her to play outside) and started reading "with" him.

Well, "reading" is a generous term for what we were doing. I would say three or four words off the page, and he would make a comment. Or ask a question. Or take a bounce around the room.

I think third grade teachers are generally the most incredible people. How an adult cold possibly have the patience to deal with a whole classroom full of these ... these.... creatures is beyond me. (I have told Micah's teacher of my admiration for her several times, mostly after accompanying them on field trips!).

We got through two whole chapters. So far, I think Micah is still confused as to whether JFK lived during the Revolutionary War or the Civil War. I have not yet been able to convince him that he's (a-hem) incorrect.

Ok, off to deposit children and pick up other children and generally try to survive another day of vacation week.


Tracy said...

I had to read a Betsy Ross biography to Leah last month. Actually learned a thing or two that I promptly forgot. I tell the teachers every chance I get how much I admire and appreciate what they do. They are amazing people and can get my kids to do things I would never be able to do.....therapists rock too. Rachel will put her socks on for her OT but I have never been able to get her to do it!

Katie :o) said...

Cute! I homeschooled for a little while... but found that between teaching, keeping up with a special needs kiddo and doing housework... I was falling behind on "Momming" :o)