Friday, August 9, 2013

Antidote Day

Today was the Antidote to Yesterday. We had a much-needed low-key day. It started early, of course. Micah came over to my bed at 6am, to see if he should get ready for the pool. I let him know we had decided to stay in the hotel all morning, so he did not need to go so early.

I repeated that speech for Sam at 6:30.

Sofia woke me for breakfast at 7:30. Sam actually left the room before us, and Micah joined us a few minutes later. David, as usual, skipped breakfast and stayed asleep.

Since we were no longer in a rush, and still really tired, Sam and I went back to sleep for a while and Micah and Sofia watched TV and played. But by 9am, it was BATHINGSUITS ON and I took them down to the pool.

Sofia spent a full 90 minutes on the water slide. Micah went back up to wake Sam and drag his sorry butt down at 9:30. There was another group (I think 2 families, cousins) of 4 kids, and all of them played so nicely together on the slide. Some big, some little. Sam was biggest of the group, and displaced the most water when he landed.

After an hour and a half, we went back upstairs for showers and a massive pillow fight. We have a great room this time, wheelchair accessible, nice and large. Then we left the hotel and headed to White Rock Beach, which was only about 20 minutes away. And it was a gorgeous day.

First we had lunch, on the top desk overlooking the water. We did not get a table with an umbrella, but eventually I moved Sofia into a shadier spot. The food was tasty, but a little beach-pricey. And I had a yummy frozen Bellini Royale.

After the restaurant, we walked out along the water road. Sofia got it into her head that she wanted to get her nails done (she saw a sign). More on that later....

White Rock Pier juts way out into the water, and we had a lovely stroll. At the end of the pier, there were some young people jumping off into the water. Sofia thought that was THE COOLEST thing she’d ever seen, and was kind of anxious to go back and get her bathing suit so she could join them.

Then we strolled back, and had some excellent Gelato. The proprietress was from Italy, and fell for Sofia immediately. I ended up having Fig gelato with balsamic vinegar on top, plus Mascarpone gelato with Pear and Walnut. OH MY.

Sofia and I finished before the boys, so we went to look at the clothing store next door. Pretty beachy clothing, but pricey. Sofia was very excited about all the dresses, and really wanted me to buy a dress. Unfortunately, the dresses she kept picking were made for someone much taller and thinner than me.

Eventually we got back in the car, and headed to the hotel. We stopped at a drug store, to pick up some lavender nail polish and sparkly lip gloss for my darling princess. When we got to the hotel, I did her hair, makeup and nails. So sweet!

Then she and the boys got into bathing suits and it was David’s turn to take them to the pool. Another hour and a half! I took a much needed nap.

When they came back, I had just woken up. We got cleaned and dressed, and headed to the movie theater to see the new Percy Jackson movie.

Sofia was scared, and a few times she wanted to leave, but I held her on my lap, and she made it through the movie with only 2 potty breaks.  I enjoyed the movie, much more than the first. The boys and I read all 5 of the Percy Jackson books, and I just finished book 6, “The Lost Hero”, today. Micah is 2 more books ahead of me.

David was a little grumpy after the movie because he was hungry, but the rest of us were full from popcorn and candy. The kids are asleep now, and I’m prepping the luggage. We leave early tomorrow to catch the ferry to Victoria. Sofia will be so happy to get her much-requested boat ride!

 This guy kept doing flips

 "Get out of MY wheelchair!"

Pretty Princess