Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sat. Aug 3, Mt. Hood

Yup, not much today except stunning views and a lot of time in the car. And some attitude.

Got up, dressed, breakfast, and packed up the car. Left the hotel a little after 9am and headed toward Mt. Hood. Stopped along The Fruit Loop (a 19 mile stretch of farm stands) for fresh blueberries.

Stopped at Timberline Lodge, which was well worth the trip (it’s about 6 miles in from the main road). The lodge is really lovely, but even more lovely were the views of Mt. Hood. There were a lot of people skiing and snow boarding, even now in early August.

We just walked around and took in the sites. Then got back in the car and headed to Seattle. Quick stop for lunch along the way.

Stopped briefly at the Mt. Saint Helens Visitor’s Center, but 1) it’s actually 27 miles away from Mt. Saint Helens, and 2) their restrooms are closed due to lack of funding. Had to stop at a camp ground for bathrooms.

Got to the hotel in Renton around 5:30, and rested a bit. Then we had a really yummy dinner at Pabla Indian Cuisine - strictly vegetarian and actually under Kosher certification from the Va’ad of Seattle!

Unfortunately, the boys were both in MOODS. It seems we have reached the age where everything I do embarrasses Sam (yippie!). He gets upset because I talk to everyone, and because Sofia makes noise when she eats and takes off her shoes constantly. Micah does not like me telling him what food he has enjoyed in the past. It was not a particularly pleasant meal, although the food was yummy.

Back in the hotel now, and at least two are asleep already. We are meeting my friend A and her daughter (who has DS) in Seattle tomorrow at the Space Needle. I’m looking forward to it. “IRLs” (In Real Life meetings of on-line friends) make this DS family the most amazing experience.

So here are the photos from today:

 Sofia really felt the effects of the thinner mountain air, and got very tired just walking from the parking lot to the lodge.