Monday, August 5, 2013

Pike Place Market and the Museum of Flight

I got four texts this morning at 6:45 am, three from my mother-in-law and one from our cleaning lady. So I was a wee bit groggy and had difficulty waking up. We got down for the very tail end of breakfast.

Headed in to town, to go to Pike Place Market. Very cool, although the boys were not happy to be there. It was VERY crowded, and noisy, and warm. Lots of cool sights and sounds, but overwhelming.

We walked around for a while, looking at all the crafts and downstairs shops. Then we eventually had some lunch at a Crepe place. Yummy, and they even had gluten free crepes for Sofia. And I had a mimosa.

Walked around the streets in the area some more, which really started freaking Sam out, because there were a lot of street people and bums in the park. So eventually we headed back to the car.

We went next to the Museum of Flight, which is near all the Boeing buildings. It was a VERY large museum, and we could probably have used another few hours, because we missed the whole section where there was a Concorde and Air Force One and a Space Shuttle.

I had a wicked-bad headache, and did not see as much of the museum as David and the boys. Sofia spent a lot of time in the hands-on play area, and then Micah took her joy-riding in the wheelchair, so I was able to go get a soda in peace ;)

We left when the museum closed, and headed back to Renton (where the hotel is) for dinner. Had some terrific sushi, at Sushi Cafe, 4605 NE 4th St. in Renton. I had a Tekka Don (tuna sashimi with avocado and rice), and the rest of them had various maki rolls. One of Micah’s rolls ended up having sesame in the sauce, so he got salmon sashimi instead, and they very kindly did not charge us for it (even though Sam still ate the extra roll).  And the Coconut Ice Cream was DELICIOUS!

It’s 8:30 and we are back at the hotel. The boys will be heading to the gym soon, and Miss Sofia is badly in need of a bath. She walked barefoot in the parking lot, and her feet are black now.

Tomorrow we head up to Vancouver!

 Sofia got a cool hair bun thingy...that I ended up wearing most of the day

 David got cozy with Rufus The Pig

 Sofia was SO happy to have her photo taken with two Dr. Whos! And A Weeping Angel...

The Museum of Flight

My pretty dinner