Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sunday in Seattle

We got up and out by 10 and headed in to downtown Seattle, to meet up with A, her husband and daughter at the Space Needle. We got a great parking lot for about half the price of the closer lots, only a few blocks away.

David, Sofia and I had a great time with our friends. It was so nice to have (awesome) grownup conversation. We went to the Space Needle, had some lunch in the Armory food court, and then went to the Chilhouly Museum, which was gorgeous.

The boys were MISERABLE for most of the day. Grouchy, picky, and not happy. I tried hard to let them go off with David, away from me and Sofia, as often as humanly possible.

After Chihouly, our friends had to leave because their daughter was starting to melt. Mama was eyeing the wheelchair ;)  Our kids do great great great right up until they STOP. I am SO glad I argued my way into getting the chair. Even though Sofia walked a lot, we still needed it. Plus, it got us into a shorter line to go up the Space Needle.

We walked around a bit more, and then went to the “EMP” (Experience Music Project Museum). It’s a very eclectic mix of music (big exhibits on Hendrix, Nirvana, and women rockers) and science fiction and pop culture.

In the front lobby was a giant screen, and they rotated films and music videos. Well, Miss Sofia had a BLAST dancing to the music. Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Eric Clapton & Steve Winwood. (Beck was too mellow for her!) The boys were mortified.

We got back to the hotel a little after 6. I took Sofia to the pool for a while, and we ate leftovers in the room. The grouchy boys are watching TV. Micah is being excessively picky about food, which is making it difficult for everyone. Tonight we forced him to eat rice (leftover from last night) and a cheese stick. You’d have thought we were torturing him.

Going to hang out this evening (it’s 8:15 already anyway), since we did a lot of walking today. It was a gorgeous day, too, very sunny and lovely and warm but not sweltering.

 I am not sure WHY there were giant spiders on top of this building...

Space Needle visible through the atrium window

 2 Mamas, 2 Girls
 A giant maze on the sidewalk in front of the EMP.

 Showing off

 Sofia, the Dancing Queen

 World's Largest Guitar
 We had our pictures taken at the museum.