Monday, August 12, 2013

End of Vacation

Yesterday was not really worth writing about. We got up, got packed out of the hotel. Stopped at Starbucks to pick up breakfast, and headed to the ferry. Long waiting time, since we had to clear customs there.

Ferry was ok. Sam was still in a bad mood about Micah. I pulled out the “big guns” by reminding him that David lost his own little brother when he was about Sam’s age. Complaing calmed after that.

Then a looooong drive down along the side of Olympic National Park. Granted, I slept most of the time, being absolutely exhausted, but David was SO frustrated by the slow progress of the drive. We stopped in the middle of nowhere at a Subway for late lunch (Micah’s favorite restaurant these days). Finally made it to Great Wolf Lodge, outside Olympia, around 4pm.

Great Wolf Lodge is a ginormous Water Park and hotel fun zone for kids. We are rather anti-commercial family, so we managed to avoid buying any junk. Just spend lots of time in the water park.

The kids had a BLAST. Sofia was afraid the first time she went on each slide, but before she hit the bottom she was asking “More! More!” I spent the first several hours running back and forth between the water park and the guest laundry (way on the far end of the hotel, very long walk) while David handled Sofia and the boys. I finally pulled Sofia out at 8:45 for a shower, and the boys were there until closing time at 9.

The elevators were all broken to get back to the room on the 7th floor. Sofia made it, though, which was amazing. We got showered, and then back down stairs to try to get food.
The restaurants closed at 10, and it was about 9:40, so we were pushing it. The boys just wanted pizza, so I ordered for them (pay was attached to the wrist bands) and they took their pizza up to the room. David, Sofia and I made it into the restaurant. Whew. At least they had good “Vanilla Cola” drinks (rum and coke).

Everyone slept VERY late today. We got out of the room a little after 10, packed the car, and went to breakfast (which closed at 11). Then it was off to the water park again.
We stayed until about 2pm. I got a bit dizzy this time. Possibly too little sleep and it was wamr in there today.

Eventually we showered and left. Two hour drive to Portland. We’re staying near the airport. Heading to a nice fish restaurant on the water shortly. Home tomorrow!!!