Monday, June 25, 2007

An Allergy Mom Visits Camp

Micah started daycamp this morning, and yesterday was the Open House. I was so nervous! Fortunately, I know a ton of adults who work there (it's the local big Jewish daycamp), and Micah knows plenty of kids there. One of the nurses is a friend of ours from shul.

But it's not a peanut-free camp, and they don't send out a whole lot of information ahead of time, so I was really nervous about the allergies. So when we got to the Open House, first Micah and I spoke to the two nurses, then we had an excellent and thorough talk with the 4 teenage bunk counselors and the grown-up Unit Head, and a chat with the bus counselor. I'd prepared an Action Plan document for all of them, and I felt much calmer when we were done. I think he'll be just fine.

This morning, I had to get him on the bus for the first time. The Transportation Coordinator was not entirely sure of the exact location of the Dover bus stop, and the bus was about 12 minutes late. When it did arrive, I was on the phone with the camp office, talking to another mom in the parking lot, getting yelled at by someone from the Town Hall (because I parked "wrong"), and we were across the street from the bus. So I grabbed Micah and Sofia and the backpack and the phone (the other mom helped with the bag), and ended up dropping Sofia in the middle of the road! Yikes. But eventually we got the kids on the bus, and I let the camp know exactly where their bus stop really is...

So we have to go pick him up soon, and then come home to wait for Sammy (I'll be meeting M at Micah's bus stop from now on in the morning, since she passes right by!).

La Principessa has a big cut on her forehead (that's what we get for letting a 6 year old girl at shul take her for a walk), and she didn't fall asleep until after 11:30 last night, but she just took a good nap. Hopefully she'll get back on schedule soon!