Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Migraines and more migraines

I hate this weather! Whenever the barometer changes (i.e. January, June and July in New England), I get migraines. Every day. "Auras" (the flashing light patterns in my eyes) and headaches and dizziness and locked-up spinal column and all.

So each morning, I take my Fiorocet (which contains a barbituate - Butalbital - so it is supposed to knock me out) and I have a large mug of espresso. Then I drive my kids to Dover (10 miles away) to get Micah on the bus and Sam into MWT's car. Then Sofia and I drive back to Framingham for Early intervention or whatever meeting or appointment is on the schedule.


I dumped Sofia in her crib and I passed out on her couch the afternoon when T left, but Sofia did NOT sleep - instead, she tossed out every stuffed animal and kept right on complaining. Now I think she's trashing her brothers' room (she's closed the door, so who knows what she's up to!). She's quite happy.

I had a great on-line Hebrew conference last night with the substitute teacher. Each week we have a 20 minute conference, and I seem to be the only person doing the evening session in my class. The teacher is in Israel for a few weeks, so although she's correcting the homework, someone else is doing the conference. I had so much fun talking to this new teacher. And I can really hold up my end of a conversation in Hebrew now! It's way-cool!

Micah liked camp MUCH better on his 2nd day. He and SK were together all day (several of the adults I know at camp either stopped as they passed our bus stop or emailed me to tell me how Micah and SK were so cute and actually finishing each others' sentences). He's also made friends with another kid at our stop, P, and they seem inseparable, too.

Sam also loves camp, and is already planning for the day when he can be a CIT (counselor-in-training). And he drew his own version of "Starry Night", which was quite lovely. (He goes to an Arts camp; Micah is at a more traditional summer camp).

David and I are going to see "Ocean's 13" tonight; we watched the director's commentary for "Ocean's 11" last night. Such a fun movie.

My friend S in Chicago called to tell me all about her mom's new boyfriend - I'm so happy for her mom, but the conversation was hysterically funny!

Oh, Miss Sofia was very specific about what she wanted for lunch today - ICE CREAM. She signed it over and over again.