Friday, June 15, 2007

School's out (yikes)

Sam finished school on Wednesday, so I've had all three kids together for two whole days. Yesterday wasn't too bad: the sitter came in the morning so I could go to the eye doctor all by myself (I'm now trying out bifocal contact lenses...interesting). Then I got home, slapped together some sandwiches, and hustled them into the car to go see the allergist.

Fabulous news on Micah's allergies: SOY is down to a non-allergic state, as is MINT, so we get to try those again. Also Haddock is potentially ok now. I'll test all of those. A few others went down, but Zucchini had a big spike up, and we added asparagus.

After the allergist, I actually took them all to Chuckie Cheese's. It was loud, but otherwise it really wasn't horrible. I spent $20 on tokens (plus another $7.50 on a soda and some cheese sticks). Micah planted himself in the Sega Star Wars game (no tickets), while Sam went on a mad quest for tickets. After we ate, I followed Sofia around the place, as she checked out every machine...and the walls...and some booths...

After that, I also took all of them to the grocery store. Poor Sofia had only slept 10 minutes in the car on the way to the doctor, so she was sooooo tired, but I had the boys hold her hands and let her walk a bit (since she did NOT want to sit in the wagon).

I had a good ECEC meeting in the evening (Early Childhood Education Committee, at the synagogue) - it was me, my co-chair, the two former co-chairs, our VP, and the directors of the nursery and religious schools. We got a lot of information, which we really needed.

Today has been long. Micah came in to snuggle, and I was stressing about my computer (it's been crashing a bit, and I need to get a full backup done today), so I got up to take my shower. When I got out, I realized I was a full hour early! So I slept in a chair downstairs for a while. Then I was off to Toyota, for what we thought was an hour and a half appointment. David stayed home with the kids. Three hours later, I finally got home! He was stressed, but I'd gotten lots of Hebrew homework done.

Sam flipped out at something Micah had done, and head-butted me in the eye (by accident). I was livid and in pain, so I sent him to his room, but then the cleaning ladies arrived - and we realized I had not restocked supplies. So I left the kids with the ladies and raced to the store.

Micah was a huge help to the cleaning ladies, dusting and polishing along with them. Sofia followed the vaccuum cleaner around. Sam mostly stayed in his room.

Then the kids watched a movie while I napped, and now Sam's off to a birthday party. We're headed to Concord for Shabbos dinner tonight, so all I had to make was challah (have to go bake it now).

Tomorrow we are planning to go to Lyme Rock, race cars in CT, and then Sunday back to CT for two Father's Day celebrations, and we'll leave Sam there for the week with my folks.

Finally spoke to both summer camps today about the boys' various needs, so I feel like I'm a little more organized. We had our first OT session on Tuesday with the new OT (who had done our infant massage sessions two years ago, so we know her). Sofia was all over the playground at Sam's school, fearless, and climbed up the slides all by herself multiple times. M was very impressed.

Oh, and my darling daughter has a new word. "No!" I was not planning to teach her this word, but apparently she's been listening to her brothers...


Anonymous said...

Hi, i hope you dont mind my comment, i surf randomly and by chance read your blog.

You seems a great mom, I admire you, your children are sweet, infact lovely.

I also admire that you have energy left to write your daily life using the blog. You are great!

FBF Rothkopf said...

Thanks! You made my day!