Monday, June 4, 2007

Warrior Princess

There are few sites more amusing than a small girl, dressed sweetly in a rose-colored cotton dress, pink leggings, and a messy side "Pebbles" partial pony tail, stumbling into your room with that "new walker" gait, holding a purse in one hand and wielding a foam sword in the other! The gleeful giggle really made the picture complete.

Of course, that same warrior princess has been sobbing in her crib for the past 45 minutes, refusing to fall asleep. I've tried the normal bedtime routine (which was rocking her with song), I've tried leaving her there (hard for me to do), I've let David have a try (no luck), and I tried sitting on her couch and "shhhhhhshing" for 10 minutes. Still crying. Sigh. Last night she had Night Terrors for a full 30 minutes - screaming wildly, thrashing about, but not even opening her eyes at all, and not responding to our attempts to comfort her. I guess it's brought on by the fever she's been running from the teething.

We had to say goodbye to J, our Occupational Therapist, today, since it was his last session with us. He's moving to Florida, as I mentioned before. I tried not to cry as I watched him work with my daughter, but boy, it was tough! He'd better keep in touch!!!! (I know he's reading this ;) )

We instituted the new Traffic plan for drop-off at Sam's school this morning, and I realized that I'd never even told David what the plan entails - and I'm the committee co-chair! But it was raining like crazy today, so it was a fairly easy start, since no one wanted to get out of their cars anyway.

I did a little scrap-booking this morning, and realized that I have not printed photos (except for the first 2 days of Israel) since October. So I spent a while this afternoon sorting through, and I came up with 1030 photos that need to be printed! Yikes. Now I have to figure out the cheapest method.

I'm tired. I actuallly fell asleep in the car waiting to pick up Sam, while Sofia and Micah and his friend J were playing in my car! Morah A. had to tap on the window to wake me up when it was time for the kids to come out. Between the rainy weather and the eggplant parm (which was delicious, but gives me migraines), my head hurts alot.

I went into Barnes & Noble this morning, and got to see "Gifts" actually on the shelf. It's not on the front table yet, but it's in the Special Needs section. Very cool to see. Then I went to Old Navy and bought myself some clothing :)

Sofia's hearing test got postponed, so tomorrow morning is free. I might see if Toyota can fix my car (quickly!). New playgroup begins on Wednesday (we're in the same group, with the same staff, but new families).


amy flege said...

hey let me know what you come up with for the cheapest route of printing pictures. i have about the same amoun to print as well..ugh!

FBF Rothkopf said...

Well, I think simply from a shipping issue, Winkflash is cheapest. They'll send (free of charge) a CD and mailer. They only send one disk, but you can fit up to 4 in the mailer, and you CAN include your own (I just got off the phone with their service center). I've got the photos set for 4 separate CDs, so that's perfect. At $0.12 each, that's $123, and their shipping is a FLAT RATE of $0.99. So not impossibly horrible for 1030 pictures.