Sunday, June 3, 2007

David's Party

We had SUCH a nice evening! It was a very long day. I had to read Torah in the morning at Sisterhood Shabbat. David has a bad sinus infection (of course he won't call the doctor), and Sofia is still running a fever, so I left all four of them home. I stayed just for Torah reading, and then did my errands and came home.

I think we ended up with 43 guests, plus us, the babysitter, and 8 kids (including mine). I definitely need a bigger kitchen! But it was a really fun time. It's intersting how peoeple split into regular groups (David's college friends, the Day School parents, etc.), but the more fun thing was to see the unexpected conversations - like my sister and BIL and David's friend from high school and his girlfriend. Not people I'd ever imagine together, but they had a nice conversation.

The Day School crowd left around 11:30, and the WPI crowd stayed until after 1am. David was a bit woozy, from too much alcohol (which flowed freely). (I'd forgotten to buy Tequila, and the neighbors all wanted margaritas, so I called D to buy some one her way, but in the meantime, neighbor B ran home to his house with several glasses to fill up!)

Both David and I really appreciated how much our friends enjoyed themselves. We feel very lucky to have so many wonderful people in our lives, and we were glad that so many saud "so when are we getting together".

We went to sleep at 2am (Laura and I watched David open his gifts first). Today we are relaxing, while Sam is off at a birthday party for a classmate. Sofia STILL has a fever. But she's walking almost all the time now!