Monday, June 18, 2007

Awesome Audiology

Sofia had her Audiology appointment this morning, and she did great. She's "in the 20's" across the board, which means her hearing is way-good. They were very happy with the results, and we'll go back in 8 months, February, instead of the usual 6.

Yesterday we went down to CT for Father's Day. First we met up with David's parents, at a diner (of course) for breakfast, and then went with them to the Ferrari show at the Capital in Hartford. Then we went to Papa's Dodge in New Britain for another car show. Then we said goodbye to David's parents, and headed over to my sister's house for a get-together with my parents and sister and her family.

I left David and the kids there and did a quick run to Crown, the local kosher meat market (since our butcher closed in March, there's nothing local). Then I went back. My parents arrived about an hour later.

It was an ok day - stressful when we have to see both families on the same day (since his father resents the time we go to my family, and my family is just plain stressful). But the kids had a great time, and we left Sam with my parents for the week.

Saturday we all drove out to Lime Rock Race Track in Lakeville, CT. It was a gorgeous day. I'd packed a picnic, and we all had a lot of fun.

This morning, Micah was exceptionally well behaved (no one fighting with him!). The babysitter came at 10:30, and I took Sofia to audiology. Then we raced home, and I traded children. Sofia and the sitter went for a walk and took a nap, while Micah and I went to the movies to see "Shrek The Third". It was cute. He was a little scared, but he mostly enjoyed it.

We hung out in the afternoon, and when David got home at 6, went to the pool for a little while (it closes at 7). Back home for supper, then bedtime - Micah's almost asleep, Sofia is currently sobbing in her crib for the fourth time...