Sunday, July 1, 2007

Greetings from Rutland Vermont

Gosh, I just love free WiFi at hotels - it's so much better than the reception I get at home!

Last night we had a big wedding reception for my cousin J and her "new" husband - "new" because they've been together about 12 years so far, but they just got married in December (in the Bahamas). It was also the last party at the old house where my cousins grew up. This afternoon my uncle is getting remarried, and he and his new wife (also a J) will live here in town (Rutland) rather than out on the farm. So it was a bittersweet time. I took a ton of photos of the house and the area. The kids all had a blast. Micah fell in love with a little toad, which he carried around for quite some time, until finally my cousin P helped him let the froggy go free.

I may have had a wee bit more to drink than usual ;) because I got REALLY sentimental and sobbed when someone mentioned my aunt. I do miss her, but right then, I looked over at my uncle, who had his arm around his fiance, and he looked SO happy. I am just thrilled for him. He deserves to be happy again. He and Iris had been together since they were in junior high, so when she died, it was really hard on him.

So anyway, I ended up hugging his fiance and telling her how happy I am for them, and I was teary-eyed for hours.

We got back to the hotel around 11pm, and of course Miss Sofia, who had fallen asleep in the stroller by 8:30, was wide awake for a while. I stayed up with her (David has to do all the driving today, so I wanted him to sleep), and then Micah was awake (and arguing) before 7am this morning. Ugh.

Now the boys are waiting for the hotel pool to open - they and my nieces will swim for a while, and then get dressed for the wedding. Hopefully David will take them to the pool - I need a break!


Anonymous said...

Hey we really should've hooked up! I am glad you had a good time in Vermont! Kitty