Monday, July 30, 2007

Chance encounter, making connections

At the supermarket this morning, Miss Sofia was being delightfully friendly and cute (as usual). A lady stopped at one point to comment how adorable she was, and a few aisles later we ran into her again. This time we settled in to chat. Of course she is a nurse (they are ALWAYS the ones who can spot Sofia's extra chromosome - it's so amazing to see it happen again and again), and so taken with Sofia. Aside from the professional assessment, she also had a personal interest - a relative recently got AFP markers back (indicating a high chance of Trisomy 21).

We chatted a bit abotu our prenatal experience. She said the expectant parents are very positive about things, but are looking for information. Of course I told her all about "Gifts" and I also handed her my cell phone number, in case the expectant couple want to talk to a BTDT family.

I love those kinds of conversations. First, if feels good to be able to help someone, and especially to help someone see all the joy and blessing this little daughter of mine has brought. But it's also so much fun to talk to a professional who can recognize how well Miss Sofia is doing in all her varied activities. I love bragging about my kids! (And it turned out her oldest son also has dyslexia - there are always more connections when you stop to dig).

That definitely helped perk up my morning, which started badly when I accidently put cleaning solution on my contact lense instead of saline. My eye still burns badly, but I've been flushing it with water and saline most of the morning, and it's definitely better.

Miss Sofia is refusing to nap, although I've tried several times. Now she's bugging Sam, who is trying to watch a video. I give up.

Micah is in CT this week, being spoiled by all his grandparents. David's mom picked him up from my folks this morning for his day at their store, and then he'll be with my family the rest of the time. I miss him!

We had a busy weekend. Saturday we drove up to Maine, had lunch in Kennebunk, and then went to LL Bean. It turns out there are free concerts every Satruday evening, and next week it's Arlo! So I think we're going back up, camping on Friday, and going to the concert.

Sunday my parents came to get Micah, but we also had a pool party, so we brought them with us. Ugh. It's very stressful. And the fact that Micah pooped (fortunately not IN the pool, but let's just say that David had to bleach the terrace while I helped Micah change) didn't make things easier.