Wednesday, July 18, 2007

She's truly a toddler

I'm just not good with toddlers. I'm great with babies - I've got plenty of patience for babies. Toddlers, however, wipe me out! On Monday, Miss Sofia wanted to stay one step ahead of me and K during our Early Intervention session; she did not want to do any of the tasks that K offered, but wanted to do her own things in her own time.

Then, Monday evening, after we picked up the boys from camp, we had a picnic for the incoming kindergarteners at the day school. Miss Sofia wanted desperately to climb up onto the play structure and run on the "bridge", but I would not help her climb she climbed up by herself! Oy. It's going to be very difficult to control her on that playground now.

Tuesday we met M for EI at the local KidSpot playground, and once again she was all over the place. She's so physically active, it's wild to watch her but soooo exhausting.

We had Sam's Arts Night performance tonight. Someone PLEASE remind me not to bring Micah and Sofia to it next year! Micah whined the entire time, and Sofia kept trying to run away. But Sam was excited and the play ("Charlotte's Web") was very cute...for the first 20 minutes...and then it went on...and on...and on.......

David was up in New Hampshire for the past few days, but he's home now. And his sister showed up last night, so now he's grilling her on her work and living plans.

I attended a very lovely luncheon this afternoon in honor of the development director from the day school. She's leaving to work for her husband's company, much closer to home. But she will be greatly missed. I felt very privileged to be invited.

Friday I'm going to Ogonquit with my girlfriends - yippie! Babysitter will be here all day with Sofia, and M will drive Micah to the bus (and he's going to have a sleep-over at a friend's house after camp).

I can't even remember the past weekend - I think we relaxed - oh yes, I even got to plant some tomatoes and peppers and herbs! I did take Sofia back to the pediatrician on Saturday, but she did not have a urinary tract infection, and she was just slightly dehydrated. By that afternoon, she was feeling alot better. And we spent much of Sunday at the pool.

Oh, please go vote for the American Express Member's Project again. We dropped to 5th place in the first round of voting, and we need to stay up in the top 5 to make it through Round 2.