Thursday, July 12, 2007

Fever baby

Sigh. Miss Sofia woke this morning with 102.8 temperature, and it's been bouncing around between 99.6 and 103.4 all day. I spoke to the pediatrician's office; there's not much to do until the fever's lasted 24 hours, other than motrin and tylenol and keep her cool. So we're been alternating meds, and this evening she got 2 lukewarm baths. She also threw up during Micah's Family Night at camp, and almost threw up just now (late-night; we could hear her tummy bubbling from our room).

I also managed to get lost going from the JCC in Newton to Micah's camp. Took more than an hour, and Sam missed the swimming time, but at least we were there for dinner and the presentation. Very frustrating.

But I had a lovely time at J's "Girl's Lunch" at her pool, while Sofia was home with the babysitter, taking a nap. At least something went well today.